9 GIFS That Describe What Dating is like in College ...


Playing the field in college isn't as fun as it looks on TV, mainly because your studies and other responsibilities get in the way. Even when you find the time to go out, your date usually isn't as smart as you thought he'd be and your food isn't worth the high price you had to pay. All in all, dating as a student is not all it's cracked up to be. Here are some of the most accurate GIFs that describe what dating is like in college:

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Body versus Brain

Body versus Brain For some reason, the best looking dudes always turn out to be duds. It's a shame when you find someone you could stare at all day long, but can't imagine having more than a minute of conversation with before smashing your head into a wall. The world just isn't fair.


Expensive Eateries

Expensive Eateries Most college students are broke, which means that dates at fancy restaurants are more terrifying than terrific. What if he asks you to split the bill? You can't afford such high quality food. You can barely afford your Ramen.


Lust, Not Love

Lust, Not Love Most college hookups don't turn into relationships. They're just fun, one-time things that you'll try to forget about the next morning when your headache wears off.


Keep Him Close

Keep Him Close It's hard to find a decent man, especially when you're in college. Most guys are running around partying and enjoying their first time away from home. When you find someone who actually takes responsibility for his own actions and even has a part-time job, you can't let him escape.


Lounge around

Lounge around Dates aren't always what you'd imagine. Most of the time, they'll just involve you two sitting in your dorm, watching movies and enjoying a few drinks. The simple things in life are often better, after all.


Appreciate Being Alone

Appreciate Being Alone Single ladies are living the life. Even though society has convinced you that the only way to be happy is to be part of a couple, you can have way more fun on your own. Sometimes it's best to not have someone else bringing you down.


Slutty or Sophisticated

Slutty or Sophisticated It's hard to find the perfect date outfit. You want to look sophisticated, so that he'll treat you like a lady. But at the same time, you want to look hot, so you need to show off your cleavage or those long legs. It's a struggle to get it right.


Unjust Jealousy

Unjust Jealousy Even when you have a large college campus, you'll end up bumping into the people you hate the most in the world. If your crush has a girlfriend, you'll probably be lucky enough to see her everywhere you go. When you do, it'll be tough to hold back your jealous comments.


Run Away from Rejection

Run Away from Rejection If some guy turns you down, don't let it bother you. It's his loss. You know how unbelievably wonderful you are and that's all that matters. He's just wrong.

College is a time to experiment with new types of people in order to learn what you want from in a partner. Don't freak out if you can't find Mr. Right, because you might have to wait until after college to meet him. Did you enjoy dating in college or was it all too stressful for you?

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