7 Harmless Practical Jokes to Play on Your Pals ...


It doesn't matter if you're the queen of practical jokes or if you've never pulled a successful one, because there are plenty of them that anyone could do with a little bit of effort. The next time you're bored or need to get payback, all you have to do is get a bit creative. Here are a few harmless practical jokes to play on your pals:

1. Smartphone Shortcuts

If your pal has a Smartphone, you can create shortcuts for them. The function is supposed to be used in order to change acronyms like "ilu" to "I love you" and to help you out with other little things. However, you can change "hello" to "I hate you" or "what's up" to "I'm a loser." You can choose whatever you will think will get the biggest laugh!

Artificial Accident
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