See if You Can Figure out These Trick Questions ...


See if You Can Figure out These Trick Questions ...
See if You Can Figure out These Trick Questions ...

Trick questions can pass the time when you have nothing to text your friends about on weekends or to talk to your parents about at dinner. Even though the answer they give you will probably be wrong, they'll laugh when they hear the correct one. Here are some of the silliest trick questions that just might stump your pals:

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How Much Dirt is in a 3 Foot Deep Hole?

"None, or it wouldn’t be a hole." A hole is a hallow place in the ground, which means that there's no dirt inside of it, only around it. If you really want to trick your friends with this one, make it sound like a math problem by giving even more specific measurements about how big the hole is and the location of it.


Is It Legal for a Man to Marry His Widowed Wife's Sister?

"No, but since he’s dead it would be kind of difficult." Think about it. If a husband has a widowed wife, that means that he must be dead.


A Rooster Laid an Egg on Top of the Barn Roof. Which Way Did It Roll?

"It didn't. Roosters don't lay eggs." This is another great trick question, because most people will be too focused on trying to figure out the physics of a fall than remembering that a rooster can't even lay an egg.


A Little Girl Kicks a Soccer Ball. It Goes 10 Feet and Comes Back to Her. How?

"She kicked it up." Everything that goes up must come down. Of course, anyone who hears this trick question will wonder why the ball is acting like a boomerang.


How Can a Man Go Eight Days without Sleep?

"No problem. He sleeps at night." This one will make your friends groan, because it's just so obvious. Why would he sleep in the middle of the day, anyway?


How Many Animals Did Moses Take onto the Ark?

"None. Noah was in that story!" Your super smart friends might figure this one out. However, everyone else will be left in the dark.


A Farmer Had 15 Sheep, and All but 8 Died. How Many Are Left?

"The 8 sheep that were left." This question just gives you the answer. However, most people won't expect it, so they won't catch on. That's what makes it so clever.


Some Months Have 31 Days, Others Have 30 Days. How Many Have 28 Days?

"All months have 28 days." If a day has 31 days, it must have at least 28 days. Of course, your friends will probably only be thinking of February and will get it completely wrong.


What Can You Never Eat for Breakfast?

"Dinner." You can eat dinner-type foods for breakfast, but you can't actually eat dinner. It's just plain impossible.


Where do You Bury the Survivors of an Airplane Crash?

"You don't bury survivors." This one is an old one, but you still might catch someone off guard with it. You never know until you try.


Everything in My One-story House is Purple. What Color Are the Stairs?

"There are no stairs because it is a one story house!" Only your most observant friends will catch this one. It's a little tricky.

Trick questions are fun, because no one ever sees them coming. Did any of these questions fool you? What other trick questions do you love to ask?

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Love fun, witty articles like this...thanks Holly

Lmao a few of these actually got me 😅😂😂😂👌🏽

The equal sign shows up because people use emojis and this app switches it to an equal sign

Good ones

Awesome Questions

@Happygirl- if a woman is widowed, her husband died so the husband cannot marry again because he is dead

@alisha he had 15 sheep and all of them but 8 died. That leaves 8 sheep.

Lol these are great!!!

I knew almost all😄

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