It's Time to Take a Stand the Ultimate List of Comebacks to Catcalls ...


Catcalling is a disgusting technique men try to use to get a woman's attention. Whether or not the dude whistling at you realizes that he's degrading you, you have a right to put him in his place. If you don't, then he'll continue to treat women like they're inferior, so there's no reason to feel bad about being rude. The next time a stranger makes a crude comment about your butt, here are a few comebacks to use:

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"Call Me That Again and I’ll Call You an Ambulance."

This comeback should shut him up quickly. Of course, after you say it, your catcaller will probably end up asking you why you can't take a compliment. Then you can follow up with another comeback on this list.


"I Acknowledge My Beauty in the Mirror Everyday. I Don’t Need Your Help."

It's time to take a stand and let men know that we don't need their approval in order to feel confident in our own bodies. If he really wanted to compliment you, he could do so in a respectful way. But if he's going to resort to yelling crude things at you on the street, then he shouldn't expect you to take his words with a smile.


"Sorry, but Im Looking for a Man with Manners."

If your catcaller genuinely doesn't realize why you're not happy to hear his comments, tell him that you already have an image of your perfect man in your mind. No, he's not tall, dark, and handsome. He just has a thing called manners.


"You Too!"

This one works best if the man just commented on how big your breasts are. That way, you'll be throwing his own words back at him in order to make him feel horrible about himself. Hey, if he's going to yell things at strangers, he shouldn't be mad when strangers decide to yell the same things right back at him.


"I Want You… to Get Away from Me."

Do men really expect you to pull them into an alley to have your way with them after they whistle at you? Trick him by saying that you want him--but then tear him apart by finishing your sentence.


"What Was That?"

When you hear a guy say something crude to you, ask him to repeat himself. The more he says his "compliment" to you, the quicker he'll realize just how ridiculous it sounded. This works best when you're in a room full of people, because it'll enhance his embarrassment.


Ask for His Phone

When all else fails, ask for his phone and pretend to give him your number. However, what you're really going to do is use his internet connection to look up the definition of sexual harassment and leave it on his screen for him to see. Maybe that'll finally get him to open his eyes.

You're gorgeous, but you deserve to hear about your beauty in a respectful way, not by randy guys who are whistling and hollering at you. Men might not realize it, but catcallers are more scary than sweet. It's never fun to be afraid to walk down the street out of fear that some creep might hit on you. Have you ever been catcalled? What did you do when it happened?

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Yes. Yes. Tell me how good i look!! 💋

#7 is the only good one. I always just respond thanks but no thanks. Or just serve my best resting bitch face

I'm so using number 7! Haha!!! That's a good one!!!😂

Lovely advice ☺️🙌🏼

I am of a generation when if you got a wolf whistle you felt quite flattered. It was invariably given because the man liked what he saw and let you know you looked good. I no longer get them of course but when I did I used to grin and call out " thanks! " .No offence taken in those days -

😂 the last one is priceless !!

These responses are unrealistic and belong in the movies. Who would respond like that? It would egg them on more. Just ignore them.

Catcallers are usually low selfesteem low intelligence guys, not worth to waste your time!!

I just curtly nod my thanks and keep on walking.

I like the last one lol intresting

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