9 Cute Pickup Lines to Use when at the Beach ...


9 Cute Pickup Lines to Use when at the Beach ...
9 Cute Pickup Lines to Use when at the Beach ...

It's about time to gather your gals and head to the beach to scope out the hot dudes. However, instead of just staring at them from across the sand, you should work up the courage to start a conversation with the sexiest man you can find. You don't have to say anything fancy. Just say, "hello," introduce yourself, and maybe use one of these pickup lines that are perfect for the beach:

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Do You Have a Sunburn or Are You Always This Hot?

Now that the weather is getting warmer, you're free to use as many puns about "hotness" as you can. Just don't use this line on someone who actually does have sunburn, because they'll think that you're making fun of them. Then there's no way you'll get a date.


You Look like You Could Use Some Help Rubbing in That Tanning Oil

There's no better way to get your hands on a hottie. Of course, if they claim that they've already applied all of their tanning oil, you can ask if they'll help you apply your sunscreen. After all, the next best thing to touching a cutie is to let the cutie touch you.

Frequently asked questions

Oh, there are tons! You can try something like, 'Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?' Trust me, it never gets old!

Absolutely! They can be super cute and funny. A little humor always breaks the ice. Just keep it light and playful!

Here’s a favorite: 'Are you a sun? Because you brighten up my day!' It's cheesy but so adorable.

Of course! Pickup lines are meant to be fun. Just be yourself, and you’ll do great. Confidence shines brighter than the sun!

Definitely! Pickup lines are universal. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, these lines can totally work. Just go for it!


I'll Show You My Tan Lines if You Show Me Yours

This is about the classiest way you can tell someone you want to see them naked. Just be careful about who you use it on, because some men won't have a problem pulling their swimsuits right down.


You’re so Hot, the Sun is Jealous

Here's another compliment about your crush's hotness. Men love to hear about how attractive they are, especially when they're walking around shirtless, so you can't go wrong with this line.


Can You Call a Lifeguard? Because I'm Drowning in Your Eyes

Telling someone they have pretty eyes is just plain boring. But phrasing it like this is super romantic. Just don't pause too long between sentences, because you don't want your crush to actually think you're in trouble and call over a lifeguard.


I Hope You Know CPR, Because You Are Taking My Breath Away

Want a little mouth on mouth action? Then this line is perfect for you! It's the sneakiest way to ask for a smooch.


I Was Looking for Treasure and I Think I Found Some

This line will work best when you're combing through the sand. Just make sure that your crush realizes you're referring to him, and not all the seashells surrounding you.


I Don't Want You to Get a Sunburn. How about I Cover You with My Body?

Sunburn is incredibly dangerous. Even if it your crush doesn't get cancer from it, he could get his beautiful face burnt. No one wants that, so covering his body with yours is just doing the world a favor.


You Make My Heart Slip and Slide

This is a cute way to spill your feelings for your crush. If it doesn't make him swoon, it'll at least make him laugh, which is better than nothing. At least that way you can pretend you were just joking around.

This season, you should put your fears aside and approach the hottest guy you can find. Even if he rejects you, there will always be another shirtless cutie right around the corner. What other beach themed pickup lines can you come up with?

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I can't imagine telling these lines to someone! :D

Noooo lol

But are they so corny.... enough to be noticed by a sense of humor, that belongs to a sane chic,? ....

Hehehe! Cornball!

Cringing... The corniness!!!!

Funny & really corny!!


Classic cringe-worthy lines😌

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