Clever Trick Questions That Test Your Powers of Reasoning ...


Clever Trick Questions That Test Your Powers of Reasoning ...
Clever Trick Questions That Test Your Powers of Reasoning ...

Many questions that test your powers of reasoning are trick questions designed to make you think of a certain answer, even though it's the wrong one. That's why so many people are fooled, even if they're incredibly intelligent. Of course, if you know that a trick question is aiming to fool you before you even read it, then you have a higher chance of getting it correct. See if that method works by trying to figure out these sneaky trick questions that test your powers of reasoning:

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Megan’s Mother Has Four Daughters Named April, May, June, and What?

Your first instinct should be to say that the fourth daughter's name is July. However, that's incorrect. Look at the very first word in the question. It's asking about Megan's mother, which means that Megan is the mother's daughter.


So, if we consider the names listed - April, May, and June – we realize that these are merely a distraction, a red herring meant to guide you along a path that aligns with a pattern of sequential months. It's a common mistake! But when we return to the concrete detail we have about Megan's mother, we can confirm that Megan herself is, in fact, the fourth daughter, rounding out the quartet of siblings. Isn’t it interesting how easily our minds can be fooled by a simple assumption when we don’t focus on the specifics given to us?


A Truck Driver Goes down a One-way Street the Wrong Way. Why Isn’t He Arrested?

There are plenty of random answers that people will give after hearing this question. However, the real answer is simple. The question never said that the truck driver was actually in his truck at the time. He was just walking down the street, so there was no reason for him to get in trouble for walking against the cars.


Is a Ton of Feathers or a Ton of Bricks Heavier?

Most people would assume that a ton of bricks is heavier than a ton of feathers, because bricks weigh more than feathers do. Of course, that can't be the right answer. The question never said how many of each object existed. It only said that there's one ton of feathers and one ton of bricks, which means that they're the same exact weight.


Despite the initial impulse to size up bricks as being heftier, it's vital to remember that weight is not subjective; a ton is a ton, whether it's comprised of feathers or bricks. The trick lies in visualizing the immense volume of feathers needed to tip the scale at a ton versus the relatively compact pile of bricks reaching the same weight. Thus, this question slyly challenges our biases and prompts a giggle when we realize we've pitted density against mass, rather than simply comparing weights.


Why Can’t a Person Living in New York Be Buried in California?

If you don't get the trick, it's hard to come up with an answer for this one. However, the solution is pretty simple. If a person is living in New York, then they can't be buried at all, because they're still alive.


Before Everest Was Discovered, What Was the Highest Mountain?

Most people will name a random mountain that they've heard of in order to answer this question. However, even before Everest was discovered, it was still the highest mountain. It just hadn't been discovered yet.

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If a Rooster Laid an Egg on a Roof, Which Way Would It Roll?

This is a common trick question that most people have heard. However, if you've never listened to it before, it could easily fool you. You might say that it would roll to the left, the right, to the east, or to the west. However, the egg wouldn't roll at all, because roosters don't actually lay eggs.


How do You Go Eight Days without Sleeping?

Sleep is necessary to survival. That's why it's impossible to go eight days without sleeping. Unless, of course, you only sleep at night, which is the answer to this trick.


How Many Times Can You Subtract 10 from 100?

Most people would assume that the answer to this question is 10. However, you can only subtract 10 from 100 one time. After that, you'd be subtracting 10 from 90.


How Many Months Have 28 Days?

Most people would say that the answer is one, because of February. However, every single month has at least 28 days in them. The wording is meant to fool you.

Trick questions are fun to ask your family and friends, especially when they don't realize that the question is meant to fool them. What other fun trick questions have you heard?

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And ounce of gold actually weighs more. By convention precious metals are measured in Troy ounces. A Troy ounce is one 12th of a pound. A regular ounce is one 16th of a pound

I liked the rooster one

Lmao. I' ll use it with my family & my friends ! 😂

I got 2 correct

#1 Id like to meet What first as april, sounds kind of a wet out while June sound a very warm gal, but what has potential.

I really enjoy these but can't make sense of the feathers/bricks one. Can someone please explain? Please forgive my cluelessness.

i know that all of the months have 28 days in them and i knowthis because i am not dumb like some people

Good one

#3 The feathers would be heavier because, you have to take care of what you did to those birds.

The ton of brick and a ton of feathers was told to me when I was like 7 and I was like, "Whaaa-?" But now it's so obvious!

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