Clever Trick Questions That Test Your Powers of Reasoning😕💡 ...


Many questions that test your powers of reasoning are trick questions designed to make you think of a certain answer, even though it's the wrong one. That's why so many people are fooled, even if they're incredibly intelligent. Of course, if you know that a trick question is aiming to fool you before you even read it, then you have a higher chance of getting it correct. See if that method works by trying to figure out these sneaky trick questions that test your powers of reasoning:

1. Megan’s Mother Has Four Daughters Named April, May, June, and What?

Your first instinct should be to say that the fourth daughter's name is July. However, that's incorrect. Look at the very first word in the question. It's asking about Megan's mother, which means that Megan is the mother's daughter.

A Truck Driver Goes down a One-way Street the Wrong Way. Why Isn’t He Arrested?