9 Classy Ways to Say You're on Your Period ...


9 Classy Ways to Say You're on Your Period ...
9 Classy Ways to Say You're on Your Period ...

No one will know that you're on your period unless you tell them, which is normally a positive thing. However, if you're dating a guy who's trying to touch you below the belt, or if your friends are wondering why you've been so moody, then you might want to let them know it's your time of the month. Since saying that you're on your period sounds so bland and boring, there are other ways you can divulge of the information. Here are a few of the classiest ways to say you're on your period:

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My Oven is in Cleaning Mode

Your period might feel like a pointless form of torture. However, it's really the time when your body sheds pieces of itself that it no longer needs, which is what makes this phrase pretty accurate.


My Girl Has Started Her Monthly Job

Anytime you reference it being a certain time of "month," everyone should understand what you're talking about. So unless you have a daughter, your friends shouldn't take long to figure out who your "girl" is. After all, they all have to deal with their own girls.

Frequently asked questions

You can say 'The Red Baron has landed!' to add a touch of humor when you're on your period.

Yes, people often use code words like 'Aunt Flo is visiting' or 'Shark Week' to describe that they're on their period.

You can discreetly say 'I'm riding the crimson wave' or 'It's my time of the month.'

Certainly, you might say 'I'm currently experiencing some womanly troubles' to keep it classy yet clear.

Sure, you could make a humorous reference by saying 'Winter is coming' as a nod to 'Game of Thrones'.

A cute way to say it could be 'I'm on my moon' or 'It's my monthly boo-boo'.

You can say 'I'm having lady days' or 'It's my time to shine' to avoid saying 'period' directly.

In a work setting, you might use a term like 'I'm on a bio break' or 'I have a recurring personal appointment.'

Yes, you could humorously refer to your period as 'The Redcoats are coming' harking back to colonial times.

To explain to a child, you might say 'Mommy's having her special week' or 'I have a tummy ache because it's a grown-up lady thing'.


I’m Experiencing Technical Difficulties

If you're uncomfortable getting sexual with your boyfriend during that time of the month, you can use this phrase to warn him to keep his hands off. He can touch you again once your body is back to running smoothly.


Mother Nature is Obsessed with Me

Even though Mother Nature visits every woman once a month, it can feel like she's obsessed with you when your time comes. However, using this phrase might make you feel like Regina George, so use it sparingly.


I Think I’m Going to Wear Red Today

As long as you wear the right pads or tampons, no one should be able to see that you're wearing red. However, that doesn't change the fact that there's some red on you in unseen places.


This Ride is Currently under Construction

This is another phrase you can use when your boyfriend tries to get frisky during that time of the month. As soon as you say these words, he'll know that he's going to have to wait a while until he can get on his favorite ride again.


It's Shark Week

You wouldn't want to swim on your period, especially in an ocean full of sharks. Everyone claims that they're attracted to blood, so the situation wouldn't end well.


Tom's in Town

You might've heard some women say that Aunt Flo is in town when they're on their period. However, you can be a little less obvious about your situation by saying that Tom is in town. It sounds like a name, but the letters stand for "time of month."


I'm Stopped at a Red Light

Unless you're sitting in a car, then your boyfriend should be able to figure this one out. In a week, once your period is over, then you can give him the green light instead.

You don't have to be blunt and tell others that you're bleeding below the belt, because there are plenty of other ways to state that you're on your period. What euphemism do you usually use in order to tell others that it's your time of the month?

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I always tell my bf "I've got some good news and some bad news. Good news is I'm not pregnant...so I think you can guess the bad news"

In high school we say my friend is visiting with air qoutations on friends part

Why disguising it? There's nothing shameful on having your period.

aunt rose is visiting or strawberry werk )))


Lol haha.

Yassss Funny Stuff!!!

In middle school me and my best friend used to say "my red dress arrived at my house today!"

It's a normal body function. Why do you need a euphamism for something you generally DON'T share with seone you aren't comfortable with anyway?

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