7 Harmless Practical Jokes to Play on Your Pals ...


It doesn't matter if you're the queen of practical jokes or if you've never pulled a successful one, because there are plenty of them that anyone could do with a little bit of effort. The next time you're bored or need to get payback, all you have to do is get a bit creative. Here are a few harmless practical jokes to play on your pals:

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Smartphone Shortcuts

If your pal has a Smartphone, you can create shortcuts for them. The function is supposed to be used in order to change acronyms like "ilu" to "I love you" and to help you out with other little things. However, you can change "hello" to "I hate you" or "what's up" to "I'm a loser." You can choose whatever you will think will get the biggest laugh!


Artificial Accident

The next time you see your friend's car in the school parking lot, leave a note on it apologizing for an accident that never actually happened. Your buddy will go crazy trying to figure out where her car is scratched and what went down while she wasn't around. Just make sure to fill her in before things get intense, because you wouldn't want her to call the cops about a hit and run.


Sink Spray

Here's an old one. You know the sprayer that's connected to your kitchen sink? Grab a rubber band and tie it around the handle so that it's pressed down. That way, when someone comes in and turns the water on, they'll immediately be sprayed. Just don't pull this right before your parents have work, or you'll be in loads of trouble.


Alarming Alarms

If your friend loves her sleep, set an alarm clock for an unreasonable hour and hide it somewhere in her room. Of course, you want to make it hard for her to find so that she can't get back to sleep. Sure, it's evil, but it'll give you a good laugh in the morning when she complains about it.


Hellish Hot Sauce

If your roommate or little sister always steals food in the fridge that's meant for you, here's your solution. All you have to do is buy something that you know she'll steal, but add a bit of hot sauce to it before she gets her hands on it. That way, she'll never swipe anything from you ever again.


Bogus Bugs

Instead of buying a plastic spider and tossing it on your friend's bed, do something a little more creative. Put the bug in an ice tray so that when it hardens, it looks like there's a bug in the cube. Then place it inside of your friend's drink and watch them squirm!


Worthless Warnings

If your friend recently pranked you, then you can get them back by doing nothing at all. Okay, well you have to do a little. Tell them that today is the day you're going to prank them and keep reminding them of how bad it'll be. The suspense will kill them! The best part? You're not actually going to prank them at all--and that is the prank.

As long as you don't hurt anyone, there's nothing wrong with playing pranks every once in a while. It'll keep you entertained. What's the best practical joke that you've ever played or witnessed?

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The Oreo picture is the best idea lol


I really like this prank I'm gonna do this on Easter

So holly-arious

I know these are a bit mean and I'd hate if someone did this to me but they're just sooo hilarious

I thought this would be more exciting

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