16 Unintentional Website πŸ’» Names πŸ—― That Are Actually πŸ’― Hilarious πŸ˜‚ ...


Have you ever noticed how many hilarious website names there are? Depending on how you look at certain website names (even our own), sometimes they look a bit different than their intended purpose. Here allwomenstalk.com, we’re either talking with our gal pals or following people too closely.

Since we’ve all got a sense of humor and while we can poke fun at our own domain name, check out these other examples of world wide web titles that can be easily misconstrued. Here are some of the most hilarious website names.

1. TeachersTalking.com

Similarly speaking, this group is also either chatting up a storm and sharing stories online or perhaps paying a little bit too much attention to some of their students.

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