How Guys Handle Breakups Vs How Girls Handle Breakups ...

By Holly

How Guys Handle Breakups Vs How Girls Handle Breakups ...

Don't assume that your ex wasn't as hurt over your breakup as you were. Even though he's not going around telling his buddies about how you shattered his heart, it doesn't mean that he's not crushed. Men and women just show their emotions in different ways. Here are the main differences between how guys handle breakups and how girls handle breakups:

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1 Men Ignore It All

conversation,Anow,CAN'T,HEAR,YOU!, Women love to talk about their feelings, but men want nothing to do with emotions. So while you'll burst into tears when a guy tries to break up with you, a man will pretend not to hear you when you try to break up with you. In his mind, as long as he doesn't hear your complaints, you'll still consider him a perfect boyfriend.

2 Women "Win" the Breakup

stake.,Big.,Huge.l,have,sho, While most men will drown their sorrows with alcohol and rebound girls, most women would rather go on a shopping spree. After all, we need to look our best so we can post photos to Instagram and make our ex see what he's missing. A breakup is a game and the more attractive person is the winner, so we don't mind maxing out our credit cards to become the victor.

3 Men Don't Admit to Crying

MARS,FIRE,not,crying,,okay?, Despite popular belief, men cry too. However, instead of openly admitting it, they'll hide behind their anger. If a guy gets caught crying over his ex, then he's going to come up with some crazy excuse about how something got caught in his eye or how he was just exercising his tear ducts to become stronger.

4 Women Want Alone Time

aliust,wanted,listen,Taylor,Swift, Women don't always want to gab to their girlfriends about how sad they are. Sometimes, we just want to be left alone to listen to Taylor Swift sing about all the men that screwed her over. Even if you hate the singer, a breakup will make you temporarily forget that, because you'll feel like she's the only person who can relate to you.

5 Men Fool Themselves

midnight,screenshot,You,can,little, When a guy gets broken up with, he'll come up with as many ridiculous insults about his ex that he can. It's the only way he can trick himself into believing that he didn't just lose the best thing that ever happened to him. So if your ex tells you that your taste in music is crummy or that you're too funny for a girl, then be comforted by the fact that he can't think of anything real to insult you about.

6 Women Become Emotionless

screenshot,relationships.,emotions.,Just,sex., Men aren't the only ones who enjoy the occasional one-night-stand. When a woman gets her heart shattered beyond repair, she'll want someone to take away her pain. Of course, she won't want to get emotional this time around, so she'll make it clear that the sex won't lead to anything--even though it probably will.

7 We Both Go Insane

person,screenshot,emotional,rollercoaster, Whether you're a male or a female, you're going to go on an emotional roller coaster after a breakup. It's just the way it has to be.

Don't assume that you're the only one suffering from the breakup, because your ex is just as miserable as you--he just shows it in a different way. Have you done any of these things after a bad breakup?

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Zooey deschanel:"I just want to listen to taylor swift alone"

Who says I'm going to be miserable ?

They drink a shit ton

Yeah and some drown in another woman.

success is the best revenge.

Yeah and some drown in another woman.

I think some me sulk even if they know they caused the break up - I'm I that situation right now so although I'm sad I'm not regretful - it's funny I expect him to call me even though I've blocked him on my work personal and home phone and email- I guess he won't call 😌

I'm in a situation my self yeah sad but no regrets !!!

So hilarious

Aaaww Holly, I love your articles, you are intelligent, funny, and sensitive, and I noticed a girl with morals, a rare find nowadays. Keep up the good work, sure you have the most followers on here ;)

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