How the World Changes when You Have a Crush ...


College Humor knows what it's like to have a crush. In fact, Allison Strejlau has even illustrated it.

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Texting Whenever your crush texts you, it'll feel like a dream come true, even if he's just saying something casual to you.



Jealousy If he looks at another girl, you're going to get angry. And if he talks to that girl? You'll be enraged.



Compliments They could give you the same compliment that your mom gives you, but you'd value his so much more.



Waiting Two days without them feels like two years.



Dates Dates are supposed to be fun, but it's hard not to stress out over them when you really like the other person.

Do you think this is a pretty accurate description of the way you behave when you have a crush?

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Loving the diversity!

Accurate lol !!

This post is my life now. Lol.

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