Flirt with Your Classroom Crush Using These Hysterical Pick up Lines ...


When you're bored in class and a cutie is sitting next to you, there are some hysterical pick up lines you can use on him. They're all pretty silly, so you'll at least get a smile out of the interaction, if not their phone number. Hey, you might as well try, right? Here are some of the most hysterical pick up lines that you should test in the classroom:

1. I Hear YOU'RE Good at Algebra. Can You Replace My X without Asking Y?

Here's one for math class. Your ex is old news, and you're ready to move on to someone else, so it's time to start flirting. This is one of the hysterical pick up lines that'll let your classroom crush know exactly how you feel.

I Don’t Know How I’ll Ever Get to Class on Time when It’s so Easy to Get Lost in Your Eyes
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