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Funniest Videos of Mila Stauffer's Thoughts on the Holidays ...

By Reem

I'm here to share Mila Stauffer's video thoughts on the holidays. Are you looking for some funny videos? Well, it would be hilarious when certain topics are expressed by kids. Mila Stauffer is a 3-year-old social media star who probably has her own point of views concerning any subject. Here are the funniest of Mila Stauffer's video thoughts on the holidays.

1 Now Mila is Firing Santa

How would Christmas look like in a modern world? This is all that Mila wants for Christmas!

2 Mila's Makeup Tutorial

Are you ready for this video, makeup fanatics? Here are some useful tips Mila would like to share with you to look glamorous on Christmas night.

3 Mila Makes Her Siblings Christmas Gift

Mila is happy that Santa will be using MasterCard. Mila finds this the best solution for Christmas gifts and easy delivery. Yay! No crowd and no waiting in lines.

4 Mila is Skeptical of Santa

Santa knows everything about her! That’s creepy.

5 Mila and Her Happy Thanksgiving

As much as we love Thanksgiving, Mila doesn’t seem to enjoy it too much.

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