Absolutely Adorable Animal Vines to Watch when You Need a Giggle ...


If you're in the mood to smile, there are adorable animal vines that will get the job done. They're only a few seconds long, so there's no reason why you can't take a teeny bit of time to enjoy them. It's crazy how drastically such a small video can change your mood for the day. No matter how busy your schedule is, you definitely have time to enjoy these adorable animal vines:

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Doggie Danger

Daschunds are cute enough without costumes, so imagine just how amazing they look when dressed like firemen. This is one of the adorable animal vines that you have to see. If you're ever in danger, these pups are sure to come to your rescue.


Gossipy Goat

Make sure you turn the sound on for this video. You'll get to hear a mouthy goat whine to its mother. Of course, it's hard to be mad at your child when it's so darn cute.


Sock Puppy

This pup is so tiny that his whole body fits inside of a sock. If that doesn't make you squeal, wait until you see its mama try to carry him off, sock and all.


Car Canine

Does your pet enjoy road trips? Well, this one sure does. He can't hold back his excitement.


Wiggly Kitty

If you need help learning how to move on the dance floor, this cat can teach you a thing or two. Just look at how she moves that body.


Doggie Dressed to Impress

Forget the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. This is the only model you need to see. No one is more impressive.


Miley Cyrus Cat

Miley sat naked on a wrecking ball for her famous song, but this cat one-ups her. It's hard to be cuter than a kitty.


Chameleon Choreographer

Some are born with rhythm. This chameleon is one of them.
It would be impossible to beat him in a dance off.


Bear Best Friend

Who says animals aren't as smart as humans? This bear proves that he understands our way of life--or at least our way of saying hello.


Squirrel Sweetie

You don't need human friends when you could have squirrel friends. This furry creature isn't scared to come close and give compliments.


Down, Dog

This dog knows how to relax. Instead of curling up into a ball, he sprawls out just like we do. Like owner, like pup.


Cleaning Cats

How many cats does it take to clean a floor? Apparently, only one doesn't do the job. All of the cats in this house want to help with the chores.


A Ruff Ride

Cats aren't the only ones who like to keep clean. This pup is in charge of vacuuming, and he won't let anyone stand in his way.


A Sticky Situation

All this dog wants to do is bring his new stick into the house. Unfortunately, the house decided to fight back.


Canines Can't Catch

Some people are better at catch than others, and it's the same for doggies. Some pups just aren't cut out for the big leagues.

Animals are so easy to love, because they're pros at making us smile. Do you have any pets? What's the funniest thing that you've ever caught them doing?

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the waving bear is so cute

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