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Most of us are very fortunate to have what we have but we often take it for granted and complain about trivial matters, which others label as hilarious first world problems. We’ve all made complaints about peeling a pomegranate (although I’ll admit it might be one of the most painstaking tasks) or having to wait on line for the new iPhone. While we might not mean to be overly dramatic and whiny, let’s face it - there are bigger problems in the world. However, it’s always amusing to relate to these common and hilarious first world problems.

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The Fridge is Full… but There’s Nothing to Eat

How many times have you opened a fully stocked fridge only to come to a conclusion that there is absolutely nothing to eat? Don’t be afraid to own up to this because I can definitely relate! This sounds absolutely high maintenance but I tend to be very picky with food. I’ve tried to change that in the past, but somehow I always turn back to my old habits. Having a refrigerator full of food but nothing to eat definitely tops the charts of the most ridiculous and hilarious first world problems.


IPhone Battery Never Lasts

All of the iPhone users out there understand just how quickly iPhone batteries die. It might be one of the most irritating things in the world to have your phone die on you in the middle of doing something. However, let’s face it, you own one of the top smartphones on the market, so there is really no need to complain when you are fortunate enough to afford something like that.


There is No WiFi

Oh WiFi, one of the scarcest yet most in-demand things in the world! With our society having so much dependency on technology and Internet, it is no surprise that we get aggravated when there is slow or no WiFi at all. But maybe it is not such a bad thing after all. Catching a break from cyberspace can do some good for your addiction.


I Have Nothing to Wear

Hello ladies, this particular first world problem is directed straight at you. I mean, how many times do you complain to your girlfriends about having nothing to wear when your closet door can barely close? Do you really have nothing to wear? Probably not, but I understand where you are coming from!


Have Cereal but No Milk

When you are not a morning person, you usually have a routine and if that routine is disturbed that is basically a start to a bad day. For example, nothing hurts more than having already poured cereal in a bowl when there is no milk! However, let’s just be thankful we have some food to eat!


Air Conditioner Works Too Well

I’ve heard countless complaints about air conditioners working too well on a hot summer day, to the point where everyone just freezes. It is like you can’t find a happy medium for your body temperature, but at least the temperature of your house is in your control! Some people can’t afford an AC.


Freezing Leather Car Seats in the Winter

I dread nothing more than having to sit on a freezing leather car seat during winter. You are already cold enough, but now you are forced to be in direct contact with what feels like ice. However, let’s realize that you are sitting in a car that will warm up within minutes! Others don’t have the luxury of private transpiration and instead have to take on the winter weather themselves.

We’ve all been caught making first world problem complaints; they are highly relatable, yet trivial and unimportant! These relatively minor problems are not worth the frustration. What are some other first world problems you find yourself upset over?

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I didn't like this article

In a dark way, the author is trying to say be grateful for what we have. More affluent

that's what she means :/ the phrase "first world problem" refers to problems that people in 1st world countries seem to complain or worry about, where people in 3rd world countries worry about having enough food, shelter, clean water, and other basic survival needs.

Private transpiration... Don't you mean 'private transportation'?

These things happen in 1st world country too.

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