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Hands up if today is Wednesday and you’re wearing pants with Sunday embroidered in a little heart on the front? Or maybe it’s even more dire and you hope you don’t have an accident on the way to work because you’ve got no panties on under your trousers? Maybe today’s the day you decide to adopt the odd sock trend – something you’ve detested ever since it started? These are sure signs you wait too long to do laundry and here are more.

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You Buy New Clothes

Yes, it’s normal to buy new clothes. It’s just not normal to buy new clothes because you wait too long to do the laundry. Yes, it seems like a perfect solution, and you may have been meaning to go shopping anyway. If you buy something at the second hand store, no one will ever be able to tell that your shirt isn’t something in the back of your closet you just haven’t brought out for a while. But seriously, just go to the laundromat or the apartment machines, because, while it’s a very good plan, it’s not sustainable!


Speaking of the Back of the Closet…

It’s likely that what you find there is at the back of the closet for a reason. Those skinny jeans you wore a size or two ago will get very uncomfortable by mid-afternoon when you decide to breathe. That chartreuse sweater looks very suspicious in July, and that ‘80s dress with the 2” shoulder pads will get people talking alright - behind your back, wondering where your fashion sense went.


Hamper Diving

So, you poked around in your dresser and after emptying it of every article of clothing you discover you have no clean bras. There’s only one thing to do – go hamper diving. Find a bra you’ve already worn and wear it again, after all, it will only get sweaty when you wear it to the gym again, right?


Fabric Fresheners Are Your Friend

You know you’re wearing the same clothes you wore a few days ago, and you know they haven’t grown any more flower-scented for the time spent in the hamper (or the floor). However, a spritz of fabric freshener and they’re as good as new. Add a couple of spritzes of perfume and you’ve got it made. Just don’t get stuck in an elevator with anybody.


Your Bathing Suit Doubles as Underwear

That drawer you emptied out looking for the bra? It doesn’t have any underwear either. The only underwear there are so big they practically reach your boobs. But that corner of the closet where you keep you summer wear can be raided for the swimsuit bottoms. They look a lot like underwear, right? No one would know. Because if you had to wear the granny panties you’d have to put your sex life on hold for a while.


There’s Nothing but Empty Hangers in the Closet

Who knew you had so many? Yet you still keep checking the closet as if the clothes were going to wash themselves and magically jump onto the hangers. Have a heart, wash the clothes already, your hangers are lonely.


You Hide the Fact That You Aren’t Wearing Socks

You wear high heels or sandals because they don’t look awkward without socks. You wear boots so no one can see you’re not really wearing socks. It gets tricky at the gym, though, where socks are definitely part of workout wear. Luckily, some gyms sell socks.


You Need a Wheelbarrow to Move Your Laundry Basket

You tried to wrap your arms around it, you’ve tried to lift it, but those months in the gym have nothing on that huge basket of laundry. You come to realize that you may actually suffer serious bodily harm trying to move it. You eye the luggage cart – nope, not strong enough. The wheelbarrow? But how do you get it to the laundromat? Better to divide and conquer. Get more laundry baskets or split up the laundry trips – but don’t use that as an excuse to put it off even longer!!


You Finally do the Laundry, but There’s Nothing to Wear While You’re Washing the Clothes

If you do the laundry at home, you may just have to do it naked until the first clothes come out of the dryer. Otherwise, you’ll have to wear dirty clothes, do some laundry, change into clean clothes them wash the rest. If it sounds like juggling, it is. Don’t wait so long next time.

I know this is a bit tongue in cheek but the message remains. Not washing your clothes often enough makes you a bit of a slob. Is it time for you to check your laundry habits? Are you as fastidious as you should be?

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Whaat? Ppl actualy wait that long thats irisponsible and gross

That's crazy. I wash clothes Wednesday & Saturdays. I can't stand to have dirty laundry sitting in hampers for days.

Crikey ! When you have a husband as well to look after you think nothing of doing two three washes every other day , it's the ironing that piles up !

Gross. I do my laundry on a daily basi

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