Pass on Marco Polo Even Better Games to Play in the Pool with Your Pals ...


Your pool can get pretty boring if all you do is swim around in it and occasionally rest on a float. That's why you need to shake things up with some fun games that the whole family can enjoy. They aren't hard to play, but they aren't boring either, so they should keep you occupied for a few hours at a time. Here are a few of the best games to play in the pool with your pals:

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Whirlpool: Truth or Dare Edition

You must've made a whirlpool before. All you do is swim around the edge of the pool with your friends trailing behind you. However, it's time to put a twist on this! Every single time you pass a specific point, like the ladder, your friends should ask you a truth or dare question that you have to answer or perform before you pass the spot again.


Play Fish, Instead of Horse

Have you ever played Horse on a basketball court? It's when one person throws the ball from one spot, and everyone else has to copy them. Well, Fish is played in a similar way. One person will perform a trick, like doing a handstand or holding their breath under water, and everyone else has to copy them.


Play Childhood Games like "the Ground is Lava"

When you were younger, you probably grabbed a balloon and tried to keep it up in the air for as long as possible. Now it's time to do that with a beach ball in the pool! Or maybe you preferred to pretend the ground was lava when you were a kid. In that case, you should see how long you and your friends can go without touching the floor of the pool.


Compete in a Water Ballet Contest

If you want to blast some music while swimming around, this is the perfect game for you. Split up into two teams. Now, each team should pick a song and try to create a dance to go along with it. When you're done, you can perform in front of each other and pick a winner.


Search for Sunken Treasure

Grab some toys that'll sink and toss them into the water. Now, tell your friends to close their eyes and try to find one of the toys. Each one should represent a specific act, so if you find a pink ball, you have to sing a song. If you find the blue one, you have to do laps around the pool.


Create a Makeshift Boat out of Floats

If you have a few floats and noodles lying around, you should see who can create the best imitation of a boat. The winner gets to pick the next game!


Play Traditional Games from Gym Class

There are plenty of traditional games that you can play, like volleyball and basketball. The former is probably your best bet because you don't actually need a net to play. You should just separate your friends into teams, stand on the opposite ends of the pool, and bounce a ball back and forth.

There are plenty of games you can play in your own backyard. As long as you're open to trying new things, the possibilities are endless. What games do you usually play in the pool?

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Love these! Gonna try playing "Fish" in my pool in the backyard!

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