7 Problems Faced by Technophobes ...


I am sad to say I am well acquainted with the problems faced by technophobes. Considering I work on a computer all day every day, I really should be more tech-savvy than I am. I’ve learned enough to get by, but all too often I am struck by the problems faced by technophobes – let’s see if you’re on the same page.

1. You Argue with Inanimate Objects

This is one of the most common problems faced by technophobes. You and technology just don’t speak the same language. You furiously press the escape button on your laptop and plead with it, but it stays stuck. You cajole the printer to accept the new toner cartridge but it resolutely refuses to slot it into position. You shout at your smartphone asking it why it didn’t remind you of that important appointment, to no avail. The problem is, no amount of talking does any good. You have to command technology!

You’re Lost in a Sea of Remote Controls
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