7 Questions Your Partner Must Answer before You Commit ...


There are certain questions your partner must answer before your relationship develops, like what their view is on marriage and children. Of course, there are other subjects that are just as important to bring up. They may not seem all that essential, but they can make or break your relationship. If you want to make sure your partner’s right for you, here are the real questions your partner must answer:

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Which Hogwarts House?

Admit it, things like this matter to you. If you like bad boys, you’ll hope he’s a Slytherin. For others, belonging to the same house as Draco would be a turn off. Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or not, this is one of the questions your partner must answer. It says a lot about him, and can clue you into his personality.


Do You Have Netflix?

If they don’t have Netflix, then what do they do with their time? Are they one of ‘those’ people who don’t even own a television or know who Bryan Cranston is? Some people can watch an entire season of a show in a day. If that’s you, then you probably want a partner who is willing to sit through it with you.


Do You Scream during Football?

If you’re a fan of the NFL, then you won’t have a problem with this. If you’re anti-football, then hearing him yell at the players will be torturous. If you’re going to live in the same house as your partner, make sure that they are on the same page as you when it comes to sports. You don’t want to get into arguments every single Sunday.


Cats or Dogs?

Forget talking about children. It’s more important to figure out if your partner like dogs, cats, or both. If you’re going to spend a lifetime together, you want to know what to expect. If you can’t stand cats, then you don’t want to be with a partner who owns ten of them. Things won’t work out, and that’s a fact.


What Are Your Sleeping Habits?

Does he snore so loudly that you’ll need ear plugs? Does he toss and turn and steal away the covers? If you’re going to share a bed, then you need to know these things. You don’t want to find out in the moment. It’s best to be prepared.


Do You Have a Good Memory?

If he forgets your anniversary, there’s going to be trouble. If he forgets your name, that’s even worse. You want to know that he’s capable of remembering the important things about you. Your favorite color and fruit aren’t all that important, but he should never forget to tape your favorite TV show.


Can You Recite Frozen Lyrics?

You're going to make your partner watch this time and time again. Since they're going to be listening to the soundtrack constantly, it's best that they learn the words. You don't want to be stuck singing Love Is an Open Door alone. You need him to sing along if it's going to sound great.

Before you agree to marry someone or move in together, make sure you know enough about them. You don't want to commit, only to find out something that will ruin your relationship. What other questions do you think your partner should answer?

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Hahahah i thought it was funny especially if the netflix one... I think id actually ask that!

It's clearly a joke right?!

It's all fun and games until somebody takes something seriously. Sorry if somebody took this article the wrong way, but it was posted in Funny.

5 and 6 would be on my list of questions.....but the others...whaaah?!...

Anyways, I thought the article was funny

Wow, lighten up people :)

These may be your interests but they are completely irrelevant to a relationship..I don't happen to care if my spouse like Harry Potter.

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