If Your Pup is Your BFF These Quotes Are for You ...

By Holly

If you've ever had a pup as a pet, you'll love the following quotes about dogs. They're one of the best animals out there, because they love their owners more than they love themselves. They're loyal, joyful, energetic, and everything you could ever want in a best friend. Here are some of the cutest quotes about dogs that will make any owner smile:

1 Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner If you hate cleaning the house, your dog will always help you out. Anytime you drop a yummy crumb off of your plate, he'll run right over to it and gobble it up. With him around, you'll never have to bend over to clean the floors again. He's your personal vacuum cleaner. If you're a pet owner, this is one of the quotes about dogs that you know is true.

2 Eggs You on

Eggs You on Your human friends have pesky opinions that can conflict with yours. But your dog will always agree with you and think that you're the smartest person in the room. No matter how stupid your crazy ideas are, you can tell them to your dog and watch his tail wag in agreement. You'll always feel intelligent when taking to your favorite pup, because he's too nice to bring you down.

3 Quiet Communication

Quiet Communication Even though you can't understand exactly what your dog is trying to say, you can usually guess. If he's whining, you'll know that he wants to go outside. If he's licking his empty dish, you know he needs food. Some humans are impossible to understand when they're saying actual words to you, but you can understand your pup without him having to say a word.

4 Better than Ever

Better than Ever Your dog loves you unconditionally and thinks you're the greatest thing in the world. If you're ever feeling bad about yourself, take a look at the way your dog treats you. That's the way everyone in your life should be treating you--like you're someone worth loving.

5 Makes a Mess

Makes a Mess Even though your dog constantly makes a mess of the house, you don't mind, because he's the best friend you could ever have. When you truly love someone, you don't care about the problems they cause you. That's why a little fur on your clothing isn't a big deal to you. When you see someone else covered in dog hair, you don't judge them. You understand them, because they're just like you.

6 All about You

All about You Let's face it, dogs beat people. Humans are happy to live in a house with someone and ignore them the entire day. Meanwhile, dogs are always eager to spend time with you. They're never too busy to have fun. They'd rather play with you than do anything else.

7 The Best Type of Best Friend

The Best Type of Best Friend Who needs shiny rings when they have puppies running around their house? Dogs are the best friend that a girl could ever have. When she's feeling unattractive, the dog will make her feel loved. When she's sad, the dog will lick her to cheer her up. They'll do everything that you wish your human friends would do, but won't.

Having a pup around will make your life better in more ways than one. Do you have a doggie of your very own? What breed is he or she?

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