So Cute Say Hello to the Happiest Animals in the World ...

By Sheila

So Cute Say Hello to the Happiest Animals in the World ...

Whether you're feeling low, having an off day, or just craving some cuteness, we have the solution. Get ready to meet the world's happiest animals!

Table of contents:

  1. sleepy face
  2. the "i'm naughty but i know you love me anyway" face
  3. this is what contentment looks like
  4. hello human, i'm a quokka
  5. life is goooood!
  6. don't worry, be happy!
  7. ain't i a cutie?
  8. i love the sun!
  9. so many smiles!
  10. what does the happy fox say?
  11. can't talk. too busy loving life
  12. oh hi there
  13. football is fun
  14. haveee you met ted?
  15. you know i'm irresistible
  16. sweetest smile ever
  17. just a happy sloth
  18. don't i look amazing?
  19. you can't say no to that smile
  20. photobombing seal

1 Sleepy Face

dog,mammal,vertebrate,nose,labrador retriever,

2 The "I'm Naughty but I Know You Love Me Anyway" Face


3 This is What Contentment Looks like

dog,mammal,vertebrate,puppy,dog like mammal,

4 Hello Human, I'm a Quokka

mammal,vertebrate,fauna,squirrel,prairie dog,

5 Life is Goooood!


6 Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Prague astronomical clock,dog,mammal,vertebrate,dog breed,

8 Ain't I a Cutie?

bird,duck,beak,vertebrate,ducks geese and swans,

9 I Love the Sun!


10 So Many Smiles!


15 What Does the Happy Fox Say?


17 Can't Talk. Too Busy Loving Life

dog,mammal,vertebrate,dog breed group,dog like mammal,

18 Oh Hi There


20 Football is Fun


21 Haveee You Met Ted?

mammal,vertebrate,stuffed toy,toy,bear,

23 You Know I'm Irresistible

seals,harbor seal,mammal,vertebrate,polar bear,

24 Sweetest Smile Ever

mammal,vertebrate,fauna,snout,virginia opossum,

25 Just a Happy Sloth

sloth,mammal,vertebrate,fauna,new world monkey,

26 Don't I Look Amazing?

dog,mammal,vertebrate,puppy,dog like mammal,

29 You Can't Say No to That Smile

dog,welsh corgi,mammal,vertebrate,dog breed,

30 Photobombing Seal

marine biology,biology,IBS, Aren't you in love?

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