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7 Quotes about Math to Make Even the Math Haters Smile ...

By Rosalina

There are some great quotes about math that will make even the math haters smile and I would like to share them with you. As someone who didn't find mathematics that easy at school, I later realized that numbers aren't too scary after all and these quotes about math prove that even mathematicians have a sense of humor!

1 Pure Poetry

Pure PoetryThis is one of my favorite quotes about Math. As a lover of poetry and all things literary, I also love the fact that Einstein saw poetry in mathematics. I will never look at numbers in quite the same way! Einstein also stated that he wasn't smarter than anyone else; he just spent more time solving problems. I don't agree with him on the first part because the man was a genius but I love the way he was so modest about his greatness. He was right about the fact that you have to stick with problems long enough in order to solve them though and you shouldn't give up at the first sign of a struggle.

2 Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths and WeaknessesHow comforting to learn that someone who we revere and deem a genius had difficulties. Surely he was just brilliant at everything! Einstein was such a humble man and this quote just goes to show that we all have strengths and weaknesses but we should celebrate our strengths and slowly work on our weaknesses.

3 Making Things Simple

Making Things SimpleWe can apply mathematics to everything in life and if you've ever watched the TV show, Numbers, you'll see how they manage to come up with an algorithm for pretty much anything in life. You can apply this quote to life's trials and tribulations as things don't have to be complicated; it's just the way we think about things and approach them.

4 Problem Solving

Problem SolvingWe all encounter difficulties in life but it's the way in which we divide and subtract to find the solution that makes th difference. At first glance, our problems can seem like a mathematical equation but when we look closely and mindfully, we can solve any problem.

5 Feel the Love

Feel the LoveI know. The words 'love' and 'mathematics' seem a little strange in the same sentence to some people but hear me out. If we apply what Archimedes is saying to situations and people in life that we just don't like, we can feel more at peace. If we approach something with thoughts of animosity, then things aren't going to turn out for the best. But approach something with pure love in your heart and it may reveal the pure beauty within. This includes math!

6 Algebra

AlgebraWho can remember those great classes where you frantically looked for X? I wasn't very good at finding it and it was always so tempting to just say to the teacher "look, if you can't find your X, don't ask Y!"

7 Dear Math

Dear MathThis quote (by person unknown) makes me remember sitting in math class, faced with so many problems to solve when I had problems of my own. I thought I would include a final letter to math, which many are probably very tempted to send!

These are just a few quotes about math to make you smile and you don't even have to love math to appreciate them. Which is you favorite? Perhaps you know another quote you would like to share. I would love to hear!

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