These Signs Suggest You Might Have OCD ...


If you have a full-time job, children, and your house is always clean, girl, you need to read all about the seven signs that you may have OCD. First, let me say, youโ€™re a wonder woman and secondly, when do you sleep? Iโ€™m just kidding. Maybe. If your friends have shunned you due to your immaculately tidy place or behavior patterns, review these facts. You could have a mental illness or you could just be quirky. To make this distinction, letโ€™s review the seven signs you may have OCD.

1. No! It Goes This Way!

As we review the seven signs you may have OCD, we examine your reaction to certain stimuli. Your friend comes over to borrow a dress for an upcoming date. You help her browse through your closet. A considerate friend returns these items back to the closet, if she doesnโ€™t need them. Your request for her to do this, just enforces good manners. However, if she re-hangs them of her own accord and hangs one facing the wrong way then you flip out on her like you just caught your man with a side chick, seek professional help.

There It is, Right There!
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