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These Signs Suggest You Might Have OCD ...

By Lane

If you have a full-time job, children, and your house is always clean, girl, you need to read all about the seven signs that you may have OCD. First, let me say, you’re a wonder woman and secondly, when do you sleep? I’m just kidding. Maybe. If your friends have shunned you due to your immaculately tidy place or behavior patterns, review these facts. You could have a mental illness or you could just be quirky. To make this distinction, let’s review the seven signs you may have OCD.

1 No! It Goes This Way!

As we review the seven signs you may have OCD, we examine your reaction to certain stimuli. Your friend comes over to borrow a dress for an upcoming date. You help her browse through your closet. A considerate friend returns these items back to the closet, if she doesn’t need them. Your request for her to do this, just enforces good manners. However, if she re-hangs them of her own accord and hangs one facing the wrong way then you flip out on her like you just caught your man with a side chick, seek professional help.

2 There It is, Right There!

It’s completely natural to want your home to remain clean. It’s also normal to want it clean before guests come over. However, when you see that microscopic speck of dust that no one else sees and can’t finish a conversation without handling it right then, you may have a problem. However, if your friend’s Louboutin's are stabbing the ceramic tile you just had installed, feel free to point that out. Also, explain the difference between chalk and ceramic tile to your floor man.


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3 But, Your Hands Are Clean!

You just washed your hands, after using the restroom. However, between yourself and the door there is a handle that you must pull. If you exit this area without an issue on your own, you’re fine. If you can’t touch the handle without a paper towel or waiting until someone else pulls it open, you should seek professional help. However, if you just saw someone blow boogies on their hand and then touch that handle, girl, for all that is holy, don’t touch it!

4 Check It and Check It Again

You’re lying in bed about to doze off after a long day. Just as you’re closing your eyes, you have the fear that your front door is unlocked. So, naturally, you check it. Is it locked? Great! If you go to bed and stay there, you’re not OCD; you’re just cautious. However, if your roommate implies that there’s a worn down path on the carpet leading from your bedroom to the front door, you might want to schedule an appointment.

5 Organization Diva

There’s a fine line between being organized and becoming an organization diva. Women who have worked in retail, get in the habit of folding shirts, etc. a certain way to make them stack neatly. It is completely alright to have your work desk organized as well as any area of your home. However, when someone places your art book back on your coffee table about one inch from where it ‘belongs’ and you react like a 70 year old, male Alzheimer’s patient who just discovered Women’s Lib did happen, you need help, girlfriend.

6 But I Don’t Understand

After a breakup, it’s normal to examine what went wrong, the chain of events that led to the breakup, and even assess your role in the relationship. It’s also alright to continue in this pattern for a few months to allow yourself enough time to acquire closure and move forward. However, if two years later, every man you see reminds you of him and you want to beat them with a red-hot poker, get help and repeat after me, “Prison orange is not my color.”

7 Last Friday Night!

The need for reassurance is natural. However, when you ask your friends twenty times within a week, if you did anything embarrassing at a recent party, this could be a red flag. If you lifted your skirt toward the party guests and begin singing, “Too Much Booty In The Pants” you’re never living that down. However, chances are no one saw you trip over your own heels ever so slightly. If you face difficulty letting this go months later, you need to speak to a professional.

OCD is an anxiety disorder that affects millions of people each year. While it’s nothing to laugh at, those of us who suffer with this condition can find healthy ways to cope through comedy. What are some behavior patterns you experience, that could indicate that you have OCD?

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