7 Signs You're a Neat Freak ...


There's nothing wrong with being neat and clean but do you worry that you might be downright obsessed with cleanliness? Guest contributor Millie Rainer shares a few signs that you may just be a neat freak!

‘Cleanliness is next only to godliness’ they say! Of course it is, we say. We’ve all been programmed, since our childhood, to keep our homes looking perfect and orderly as it is a healthy way of living. There is a thin line, however, between healthy living and compulsive cleaning. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being organized; in fact, it is a great thing! But if an unclean area of your home or office starts to affect your day-to-day mental well-being to the extent that you have a tough time staying calm, then you know all is not well. Love cleaning but confused whether you fall in to the neat freak category or not? Read on to find out!

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You Love Watching Commercials of Cleaning Products

Do you leave everything aside and freeze in front of your TV when you notice a new cleaning product commercial being aired? I bet you begin to envision how the product would be a perfect fit in your bathroom cabinet. I bet your eyes start gleaming at the prospect of getting your hands on yet another one of these conquests and adding it to your already booming collection of cleaning products.


Your Idea of a Fun Weekend is Organizing Your Wardrobe

Do you look forward to long weekends just because you will finally get time to catch up with organizing your wardrobe? Of course, you did that a couple of weeks ago, but your razor sharp eyes have already begun to notice signs of a wardrobe mayhem-in-the-making because you’ve realized you don’t have enough hangers to neatly place your clothes on. Well, there’s a perfect solution to that. Log on to Only Hangers and stock on up the best quality hangers to make your wardrobe look well-ordered and spacious.


You Want to Shave Your Kids Bald Because They Keep Shedding Hair

Just the thought of your children’s hair falling makes you shudder – not because they’re losing their precious locks, but because they keep falling on the floor that you toiled so hard to make shine, or on the freshly cleaned bed sheet that you just laid out! How could your children do this to you? You’ve probably already zeroed in on which salon you will be taking them to, to get their heads shaved off.


You’ve Banned Your Friends from Coming over Because They Make a ‘Mess’

Your friends can’t do anything right, can they? It’s up to you to entertain them, cook for them, and put back all the things they leave lying around. So why keep calling them over when all they’re capable of is leaving your house in disarray? It makes sense to ban them from coming over. You’ll make new friends!


Your Favorite Part of the Day is Doing the Dishes

Can’t wait for your family members to finish their meals just so that you get to do the dishes? After all, you’ve been looking forward to it all day long - that time of the day when it’s just you, your latex gloves and the dishes. Blissful times ahead!


You Clean Everything, Even Your Cleaning Supplies

Now this feels just wonderful, doesn’t it? Scrubbing your house spotlessly clean with sanitized cleaning supplies. And when that's taken care of, you even find a way to clean your cleaning supplies!


You Lose Sleep Worrying about the Tiny Spots You Might Have Missed While Cleaning

Do you find yourself awake in the middle of the night wondering if you accidentally missed a spot while cleaning your home? It isn't like you to be so excessively careless, especially when it comes to doing something you love so dearly – cleaning! You carry out your midnight inspections to ensure that it's all in your head. Some people may think it's strange but all this is quite normal for you and you do this quite frequently.

If you or someone you know does or has done any of the above mentioned things, then you/they just might be a neat freak. So, are you one?

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