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7 Funny but Real Signs You're a Bad Driver ...

By Alison

Have you noticed any signs you're a bad driver? Bad drivers generally don't realise that they are. It's wise for all of us to take a good look at our driving and check if there are any faults we could improve on. Watch out for these signs you're a bad driver …

1 'Wreck'less

One of the signs you're a bad driver is that you replace your car frequently. You're best buddies with your local used-car salesman. You'd qualify for a buy five, get one free offer if car lots did loyalty cards. If you've totaled more cars than a demolition derby, you might want to think about retiring from the roads and letting someone else do the driving …

2 People Pass on Rides

Are people strangely reluctant to accept a ride from you? Would they rather walk five miles home in the pouring rain than sit in your passenger seat? If everyone feels unsafe with you behind the wheel, then it's time to do something about the standard of your driving. Even a qualified driver gets into bad habits, so book some refresher lessons with an instructor.


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3 Every Other Word is a Four Letter One

We all feel the need to let a few choice words fly at other drivers every now and then but a bad driver does so all the time. They're never happy with other people's driving, yet think that their own driving is impeccable. They couldn't be more wrong. If you do nothing but swear when you're driving, you're getting too angry - and that's not a good state for a driver to be in.

4 Charm

'Why, officer, was I speeding? I didn't realise. I'll be more careful next time' A woman using charm to get out of a ticket is something of a cliché. But if you think that you can charm your way out of trouble when you're pulled over by the police, it suggests that you know your driving isn't good.

5 What Speed Limit?

It doesn't matter if you go a little over the limit, you think. But if your idea of 'a little' is ten or fifteen miles, then your approach to speed limits is downright dangerous. Limits are there for a reason. If every journey is like the car chase in Bullitt, it's time to start paying attention to the limits.

6 Rules Are for Other People

We've all met a driver on the roads who thinks that rules are for everyone but them. Could you be one of them? If you happily ignore stop signs and parking signs, but moan about other people who do the same, you're being just a teeny bit hypocritical. If everyone took that attitude it would be chaos.

7 Competitive

Finally, a bad driver acts as though they're in a competition to be king of the road. They take it as a personal insult if someone edges ahead of them at traffic lights or gets to a parking space first. It really doesn't matter if someone is ahead of you, so stop being competitive.

Driving is a very useful ability to have, but we can get complacent about our skills. So be honest and ask yourself if you've fallen into any of these bad habits. You don't want to find yourself in one of those videos that goes viral! Are you a good, bad, or truly terrible driver?

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