17 Funny Drinking Game Infographics ...


17 Funny Drinking Game Infographics ...
17 Funny Drinking Game Infographics ...

Alcohol isn't something to be afraid of. If you're old enough to drink legally, and smart enough to drink responsibly, then you might as well make a game out of it. The next time you're watching television with your buddies, try playing one of these funny drinking games with them:

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Hunger Games Drinking Game

Hunger Games Drinking Game While you watch the hunger games, you can play a game of your own. Of course, yours is a little safer.


Supernatural Drinking Game

Supernatural Drinking Game Sam and Dean are always drinking, so why not join them? It'll make you feel like you're a hunter, too.


Lord of the Rings Drinking Game

Lord of the Rings Drinking Game Here's an excuse to watch your favorite movie again.


Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy If you want to watch an older TV show, you'll get a kick out of Grey's Anatomy. It was one of the best shows around a few years back.


Pinterest Drinking Game

Pinterest Drinking Game Instead of watching TV, you can play a drinking game while surfing the web. After all, you spend most of your nights on Pinterest anyway, don't you?


Pokemon Drinking Game

Pokemon Drinking Game Ruin your childhood by adding beer to your favorite cartoon. Don't worry, Pikachu won't be disappointed in you.


Kitchen Nightmare's Drinking Game

Kitchen Nightmare's Drinking Game Sometimes, you need a drink to deal with what you'll see on this show.


The Walking Dead Drinking Game

The Walking Dead Drinking Game The zombie apocalypse is nothing a little alcohol couldn't fix.


One Direction Drinking Game

One Direction Drinking Game Have you seen The Up All Night Tour DVD yet? If not, make sure you buy it so you can play this funny little drinking game.


Grammy's Drinking Game

Grammy's Drinking Game It doesn't matter what year it is, because this is always relevant. Well, most of it, anyway.


Oscars Drinking Game

Oscars Drinking Game When award season arrives, you'll have a fun time watching all of your favorite celebs on the red carpet. They're probably tipsy, so you might as well follow their lead.


Jersey Shore Drinking Game

Jersey Shore Drinking Game You probably haven't seen this show in a while, so it'll be a blast watching the episodes you used to enjoy so much.


Home Alone Drinking Game

Home Alone Drinking Game Christmas is coming up, which means you should be watching this holiday movie with your friends. It'll get you in the spirit.


Mad Men Drinking Game

Mad Men Drinking Game They drink on the show, so you might as well drink along with them.


Buffy Drinking Game

Buffy Drinking Game If you haven't seen this show before, it's something you need to find as soon as possible. You won't regret your time spent watching it.


Dexter Drinking Game

Dexter Drinking Game Everybody loves Dexter. You don't need an excuse to watch this show, but now you have one anyway.


Jeopardy Drinking Game

Jeopardy Drinking Game It's frustrating to get a few answers in a row wrong on Jeopardy, but the alcohol will help calm you down. If you're extra lucky, it might even help you answer the questions correctly.

As long as you never drink and drive, or drink before you hit the legal age, there's nothing wrong with sitting back and enjoying a few alcoholic beverages. When you do, make sure you try playing a few of these games. What's your favorite drinking game of all time?

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