17 Types of Instagram Pictures We Can't Stop Taking ...


Instagram just keeps getting better … and a little weirder. Every few months, a new photo trend takes over and works its way into the app's hashtag lexicon. Some trends are longer lasting than others – like these, which are cliché but classic all the same. I bet there's more than a few of these hiding in your feed, right?

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Food Porn

Food Porn I think food porn is more ubiquitous than any selfie. Seriously, half my Instagram is food. It's everywhere, to the point that I'm totally dividing it into different categories. Like …



#Brunchlife This infuriates me because I invariably want all the brunches I see. Label a food “brunch” and I want it even if I don't like it. I might have a problem



OOTD Ah, the outfit of the day. We can't stop taking them and we shouldn't stop. Express yourself, always. Show off your fabulousness!



MOTD The same goes for your makeup of the day selfies because we all benefit from those tips.


Artistic Coffee Shots

Artistic Coffee Shots Whatever, they're awesome – foam art, especially, takes skill. Besides, these shots go perfectly with ...

Famous Quotes

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

George Santayana

Pretty Pastry Snaps

Pretty Pastry Snaps What is it about pastry that begs to be photographed and highlighted with the perfect filter?


Sand-covered Toes by the Sea

Sand-covered Toes by the Sea It's natural to want everyone else to know that you're lounging on the beach … but you're a butt if you do this when it's deep dead winter and all your friends are at home freezing.


Hot Dog Legs

Hot Dog Legs My hope is that this will disappear this coming summer, but it probably won't … and I always wonder whether I'm looking at hot dogs or legs, so I'm probably part of the problem.



#TBT Throwback Thursday produces a whole lot of gems, both on a global social media scale and within our own little circle of friends.


Cute Shoes, Yo

Cute Shoes, Yo We cannot stop taking photos of our shoes. I have no problem with this. I even confess to adoring the pigeon-toed pose.


Out the Airplane Window

Out the Airplane Window All right, all right. I can see how these are overdone. However, I've only been on a plane eight times before so I understand the lingering thrill.


#nomakeup Selfies

#nomakeup Selfies These are always so lovely.


Funny Texts

Funny Texts Sometimes these aren't actually funny … but sometimes they really, really are.


#byeFelipe Messages

#byeFelipe Messages Anyone who deals with dating apps should do this.


Nail Art

Nail Art Of course, you want to show off your manicure. Why shouldn't you? It's going to chip in five minutes and you'll forget how pretty it was.


All the Pets

All the Pets The rest of my Instagram consists of my dogs.


Selfies, Selfies, Selfies

Selfies, Selfies, Selfies Always and still! Front-face selfies, mirror selfies, half-face selfies, selfie-stick selfies …

Which classic Instagram shots are you guilty of over-sharing?

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