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What It's like to Be a Woman in the Modern World in 25 Comics ...

By Jennifer

Recent college grad and marvelous comic artist Sarah C. Andersen obviously one of us, a modern woman grappling with fashion, relationships, work, and more. Her twice-a-week comic series, Sarah's Scribbles, perfectly captures these everyday struggles. Let's have a look, shall we?

1 Alternative Boyfriend Uses

Alternative Boyfriend Uses

2 Underwear



8 Simple but Effective Ways to Lift Your Spirits ...

Knocked off

3 Wine Drinkers 🍷

Wine Drinkers 🍷

4 Online Ads

Online Ads

5 Boo! 👻

Boo! 👻

6 Clothing Options

Clothing Options

7 Winter is Coming ❄️

Winter is Coming ❄️

8 Girlfriends


9 Making New Friends

Making New Friends

10 Future Vs. Present

Future Vs. Present

11 Summer Vs. Winter

Summer Vs. WinterThis is my life.

12 Thanks, Uterus

Thanks, Uterus

13 Eye-Roll


14 I Hate Adulting, Too

I Hate Adulting, Too

15 Compliments


16 Brace Yourself... Fall in Coming ☕

Brace Yourself... Fall in Coming ☕

17 Puberty


18 That Ponytail One, Though

That Ponytail One, ThoughSo true. So painfully true.

19 Cuddles!


20 Gotta Go, Gotta Go...

Gotta Go, Gotta Go...

21 Hair


22 The Month

The Month

23 I'm the First Type of Person

I'm the First Type of Person

24 How Much?!

How Much?!

25 I've Got Moves!

I've Got Moves! To see more of Sarah's work, visit

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