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17 Funny Comics That Sum up Summer Life for Girls ...

By Jennifer

I'm not sure how she does it, but somehow Sarah C. Anderson captures my life in her comic, Sarah Scribbles. This summer, she's basically summarized my entire life in these 17 comic strips. Seriously, how does she know?

Table of contents:

  1. Other people
  2. Man bun vs. man bun
  3. Period surprise
  4. Deadline looming
  5. Makeup!
  6. Stupid roller coaster
  7. I know these people
  8. Natural girls
  9. Adulting
  10. Stress
  11. Every time!
  12. The awkward
  13. After every haircut
  14. Being late
  15. Dieting
  16. Over it
  17. Listening to lyrics

1 Other People

This is totally and absolutely me... other people in the sun? A light, golden tan. Me in the sun? Apply sunblock, wear long sleeves, still fry.

2 Man Bun Vs. MAN Bun

I have NO PROBLEM with the man bun. But I'm even more of a fan of MAN Bun. My hero!

3 Period Surprise

As if your day wasn't bad enough already, you summon your period just by being... late.

4 Deadline Looming

This is me, every day, with every deadline this summer. Ignore it as it bears down on you, and it'll go away... right?

5 Makeup!

Sure, I can now contour better than any Kardashian. And sure, my house is a wreck and my work's not done. But so?

6 Stupid Roller Coaster

This is so accurate it made me cry. Someone please tell me how to make it stop.

7 I Know These People

I know people like this. They frighten me. I mean, no one can really be that... good... right?

8 Natural Girls

Ha! Well, how are we supposed to know what "natural" means when we're getting so many mixed messages?

9 Adulting

And I thought I had my life together, until I saw everyone's engagement photos, baby bump photos, and ... new baby photos. *le sigh*

10 Stress

Stress really does feel like a heavy stone, one you can't ignore or set down... one that you pretend for the world doesn't exist.

11 Every Time!

Why is it that even when I've got headphones on, people STILL want to talk to me? I need to work on my bitchface.

12 The Awkward

I do and say stupid, socially awkward stuff like this all the time. It's good to know I'm not alone, I guess?

13 After Every Haircut

I'm growing my hair right now, so naturally I'm envious of every chic short hairstyle I see. If I cut it though? I'll suddenly want long hair again. I KNOW IT.

14 Being Late

I'm not worried! Ever. Because I know if I'm late, all I have to do is wear white pants or shorts and leave all of my tampons at home, and it'll start.

15 Dieting

I have no problem sticking to my awesome healthful diet all day long. But what happens at night? I eat everything in sight because I'm so hungry.

16 Over It

This happens all the time. Something bad will happen, but it's not just bad, it's the worst thing in the world. An hour later? I'm fine. Overly dramatic? Me?

17 Listening to Lyrics

This is honestly how I feel about my two favorite songs this summer, "Big Ideas" by The Boxer Rebellion and "Spirits" by The Stumbellas. Listening to them moves me. Singing along soothes my soul. Reading the lyrics? Meh.

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