21 Disney GIFs That Pretty Much Sum up Every Womans Life ...

By Jennifer

21 Disney  GIFs That Pretty Much  Sum up Every Womans Life  ...

I think I was in my mid-20s when I realized Disney was real. Not the woodland creatures cleaning my home, or making me clothes, but the little digs and jokes that were just real life, for real. Here are a few Disney moments that perfectly captured my life — and probably yours too.

1 The Joy of Just the Right Song

Never underestimate the power of just the right playlist.

2 Sometimes It's Just Not Fair

... the only appropriate reaction, then, is a full-on FLOP.

3 It Can't Be Morning Yet!

Mornings always, always come too soon.

4 Again, with the Mornings

I can't stress this one enough.

5 Tiny Things Are Cute

Dory knows: kittens, puppies, bunnies, piglets... everything small and tiny is just adorable.

6 Again... Tiny is Cute!

Like this puppy. SERIOUSLY.

7 Don't Run out of Contacts

Just don't. Always make sure you have an extra box.

8 Even Faeries Are Clumsy

And if Tink can occasionally crash and burn, then I can be a little less-than-graceful sometimes too, right? Right?

9 Dance with Your Bae

I'm so sorry I used the word "bae." Anyway. Dance with him (or her). Do it.

10 There's No Better Place in the World

... than the bookstore or library. Period. Well, maybe Sephora.

11 Make New Friends

Especially when you're not feeling very friendly.

12 It's Okay to Be Sad Sometimes

...and sometimes, being Joyful and Sad at the same time? That's okay too.

13 Sometimes It Takes a While to Find out Who You Are

... but once you do, you'll shine, and maybe even save your entire nation from the Hun army?

14 The Patriarchy is Alive and Well

But we're making progress.

15 Oddly Enough...

Sometimes beauty treatment are hideous.

16 No One Will Love You like a Sister

And it's okay to choose your own sisters, and family.

17 Just Being Together is Marvelous

It's wonderful just being in the same room together, doing your own thing, but together.

18 Don't Look Back

She's right, you know.

19 No One Looks Good in Everything

No worries, Elastigirl. I wouldn't look my best in red tights, either.

20 Often Times, a Woman is the Right Man for the Job

And why not?

21 Never Be Anyone else

Be true to yourself. The end.

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