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17 Silly Lines to Use if You Want to End the Conversation ...

By Holly

Don't you hate when you're stuck in the middle of a conversation you don't want to have? You can't just walk away. You need to have an excuse for leaving. Luckily, here are a few silly lines you can use to end a conversation:

Table of contents:

  1. Want to see my tree impression?
  2. Sweet dreams. hope i’m in them
  3. My battery is running low
  4. I don’t actually have to go, but i’m going to pretend i do
  5. I’m going to practice my ninja skills and sneak away now
  6. Let us hope that before our next meeting humanity goes extinct
  7. I need to go buy booze after this convo
  8. I like looking at you, but i don’t like talking to you
  9. Until the day we meet again.... we will not have seen each other
  10. I have to go. my planet needs me
  11. Look over there!
  12. I don’t want to be rude, but i do want to get far away from you
  13. Want to see a magic trick?
  14. I’ll see you in my dreams
  15. I'm going to go over there now, but i'll miss you
  16. I need to go wash my hair
  17. I’d say i'll see you soon, but i’m hoping i won't

1 Want to See My Tree Impression?

You've heard the expression: "Make like a tree and leave." So once they tell you they'd like to see your tree impression, you can get out of there.

2 Sweet Dreams. Hope I’m in Them

If you need to end a conversation with your crush, you don't want to be rude. That's why you should use this flirty line.

3 My Battery is Running Low

This excuse always works while you're texting, so you might as well try it when you're face-to-face with someone.

4 I Don’t Actually Have to Go, but I’m Going to Pretend I do

This is about as honest as you can possibly be.

5 I’m Going to Practice My Ninja Skills and Sneak Away Now

Everybody loves ninjas, so they won't be able to blame you.

6 Let Us Hope That before Our Next Meeting Humanity Goes Extinct

If that happens, you won't have to sit through a boring conversation again.

7 I Need to Go Buy Booze after This Convo

If you get drunk, then you can forget all about the horrible conversation you just sat through.

8 I like Looking at You, but I Don’t like Talking to You

This is the perfect way to end a convo with a cute boy.

9 Until the Day We Meet Again.... We Will Not Have Seen Each Other

They can't argue with this one.

10 I Have to Go. My Planet Needs Me

This will make you sound like some sort of superhero, and who wouldn't be impressed by that?

11 Look over There!

While they're busy looking in the other direction, you can just run away.

12 I Don’t Want to Be Rude, but I do Want to Get Far Away from You

They might find this offensive, but sometimes that's a risk you need to take.

13 Want to See a Magic Trick?

If they say yes, then you can disappear!

14 I’ll See You in My Dreams

Add a creepy wink at the end. Then they'll be the ones to walk away first and you won't have to feel bad.

15 I'm Going to Go over There Now, but I'll Miss You

This will make it clear that you want the conversation to end, but it'll also trick them into thinking you feel bad about leaving.

16 I Need to Go Wash My Hair

The sillier the excuse, the better. That means you can say that you have to go feed your pet alligator or meet up with the boyfriend that you don't even have.

17 I’d Say I'll See You Soon, but I’m Hoping I Won't

Let's face it: There's no way you'd be able to sit through another conversation with them in the near future.

The next time you're stuck talking to someone, use one of these lines. What other funny lines can you come up with to end a conversation you don't want to be having?

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