7 Silly Period Puns to Make That Time of the Month 🗓 Feel Better 😂 ...

None of us like to get our periods. Unless, of course, we're worried that we might be pregnant. Even so, it's still not any fun to feel our backs creak and our stomachs cramp--not to mention the fact that we're unable to have sex with our attractive boyfriends. Of course, you might as well joke around about it all. Here are a few funny period puns that should make that time of the month feel a little less stressful:

1. This Whole Period Thing is Really Cramping My Style

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This is one of those jokes that will make your friends groan, or at least roll their eyes. Of course, when it comes to puns, that's actually a compliment. Even though they look irritated on the outside, it means that your joke killed!

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