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A lot of women worry about whether or not they're doing the right things with their hands while they're kissing a guy. However, your movements aren't the only things you should be concerned about. The words you say in between kisses are just as important. If you spit out the wrong sentence, then he's going to hit the road. In order to avoid such an embarrassing situation, here are a few things you should never say while kissing a guy:

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Now I Know Why Your Ex Dumped You

Now I Know Why Your Ex Dumped You It's never appropriate to bring up an ex in the middle of a make out session. It doesn't matter if you mention your ex or his ex, because both names should be off limits. After all, they're in your pasts for a reason.


Oooh, Sherlock

Oooh, Sherlock Unless your boyfriend's name is actually Sherlock, you don't want to utter it in between kisses. Saying the wrong name will push him further away than anything else would. After all, he's hoping that he's the only thing on your mind, especially mid-makeout. If he finds out that you've been fantasizing about another guy, then he's going to head for the door.


Am I Doing This Right?

Am I Doing This Right? Even if you've never been kissed before, you shouldn't ask him if you're doing a good job. If you are, he's going to let you know it, either by telling you or by moaning into your ear. There's no reason for you to ask the question, because it'll just make you look inexperienced. Own your kissing moves, even if you're doing them wrong.


This Would Be More Fun with More People

This Would Be More Fun with More People The more the merrier doesn't apply in this situation. Even though you might fantasize about kissing some of your man's friends, you can't actually have your cake and eat it, too. Unless your man is very open-minded, he's going to want to keep you all to himself.


Let Me Tweet This

Let Me Tweet This Don't touch your phone in the middle of a make out session. It doesn't matter if you heard it beep and want to check who texted you, or if you want to take a romantic selfie of the two of you kissing. Your make out moments should be private. Don't let the world in on them.


Do You Accept VISA?

Do You Accept VISA? There are plenty of ways for you to let a man know that your make out session doesn't mean much to you, and this is one of them. Of course, if you want to keep things casual, you should tell your man before you actually lock lips. Once he tastes how delicious you are, there's no way to stop him from falling head over heels.


Let’s Make a Baby

Let’s Make a Baby Unless you've been with your partner for a few years and are actually living together, you should never bring up children in the heat of the moment. It can be a total turn off. It'll make him start to wonder if you've been taking your birth control pills or have been poking holes in the condoms. If you want to make a baby, then tell him during dinner, not during a sexy make out session.

If you want the kissing to continue, avoid saying these silly things. What's the worst thing that a guy has ever said to you in the middle of a make out session?

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I have regretted complementing the kiss, I don't know why. Or maybe complementing him right away

@peony blue: as funny as some of these are, yes, women do these things sometimes. Or heard some of them myself lol

As in most situations, the least said, the better.

Oh gosh can women be that stupid!?

@lily ok didn't realise I would think it but to say it out loud...

I met a guy on a first blind date who kissed me goodbye and then asked for a second kiss. I asked him if he remembered my name, and he didnt know. Lol. Point taken, but not too happily.

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