9 Funny Clever Responses to "I Love You" ...


9 Funny Clever Responses to "I Love You" ...
9 Funny Clever Responses to "I Love You" ...

If you've been dating someone for long enough that they can handle a joke, or if you just want some clever responses to "I love you" for family members this holiday season, search no further. You don't always have to be super serious. Here are a few clever responses to "I love you" that you can use the next time you hear those three little words:

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Who Doesn't?

You're pretty amazing, so why wouldn't others love you? I mean, it's no surprise to you. This is one of the clever responses to "I love you" that isn't all that rude, because you're just showing your high confidence. Your family and partner should understand. They'd act the same if they were as perfect as you are.


Oh Darling, if Only There Were Someone Who Loved You

Where are all the Frozen fans? If you loved the movie, you need to use this line at least once in your life. As much as you hate Hans, it can be fun to act like him. The best lines are always saved for the villains.


Already? Damn, I'm Good

Keep your confidence high. This line makes the most sense if you use it on someone you just met, but it's funniest when you use it on your parents, or someone else that you've known your entire life. It makes things ironic, which should guarantee you a laugh.


If I Could Only Get Harry Styles to Say That

Change "Harry Styles" to the name of your favorite celebrity. While you should be happy with whatever love you get, it's hard not to want to be loved by someone rich and famous. Celebs are just too irresistible.


At Least Someone Does

Here's a downer to use when you have low confidence. Even if hundreds of others love you, that doesn't mean that you love yourself.

Famous Quotes

Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.


Yeah, I Get That a Lot

If you want to appear cool, act like you've heard that you're loved thousands of times before. Not like it's a big deal or anything. You're used to it.


I Love Cake

If you're a fan of That 70's Show, you'll already know why this line is so funny. The first time Donna admits she loves Eric, he replies by saying he loves cake. Now, you shouldn't follow his lead by using this the first time those three little words are spoken to you, but you can use it once you and your partner are comfortable with each other.


You Better

If you're talking to your partner or your mother, this response is perfect. They're pretty much required to love you, so they better keep feeling those emotions. If they don't, then that's a problem.



If you feel like fishing for compliments, ask them why they love you. It's easy enough to say that they care, but when they're actually asked to explain why, they'll either be speechless or will say something to make you melt.

Being told that you're loved is an amazing thing, so only use these lines on someone you know won't get offended by them. You wouldn't want to hurt someone who cares so deeply about you. Do you say those three little words often or save them for special occasions?

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"I think I like this song" "I think I'm in love with you" - how I met your mother

If only I could get Tom Hiddleston to say that..

If I can only get johny depp said that ❤️

"I love me too"

if i could only get zac efron to say that...

Lol! All these were awesome!!! But If only I could get Benedict Cumberbatch / Matt Smith to say that...

if i could only get Bruno Mars to say that...

If i could only get leo dicaprio to say that lol

"You don't have any choice" :) Could be one more

"Thank you" -Penny on the Big Bang theory

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