Sexual Pick up Lines to Use on Men Because It's Time to Turn the Tables


Sexual Pick up Lines to Use on Men Because It's Time to Turn the Tables
Sexual Pick up Lines to Use on Men Because It's Time to Turn the Tables

Men shouldn't have all the fun! We can use **sexual pickup lines* on them too. I mean, why not!? Women aren't the damsels in distress anymore-we are take charge, take action, go for what we want gals, RIGHT?! The best part of this is that unlike the overplayed lines given by men, ours might actually work. Here are some of the best pickup lines for us women to use on men for a change:

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I'm Wearing Revlon Colorstay Lipstick, Want to Help Me Test the Claim That It Won't Kiss off?

As long as his thoughts don't drift away as soon as you start describing your brand of lipstick, he should love this line. It shows him that you're ready to pucker up, so he better be ready to make a move.


Have You Been to My Yard? I Make the Best Milkshakes

Ever since Kelis created her Milkshake song, no one can think of the drink without singing her tune. Unless your crush lives under a rock, he'll appreciate the humor of this pickup line.

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I do Not Fancy Wines, I Prefer Moans

When asked what kind of drink you like, or even what wine you prefer, use this sexual pickup line** to make him laugh, possibly get his number, and even maybe take things a step further (if that's what you're looking for).


This article provides a humorous twist on traditional pickup lines by offering a selection of sexual pickup lines for women to use on men. The suggested line, "I do Not Fancy Wines, I Prefer Moans," is a playful way to express interest in someone while also showing a sense of humor. The article is published on a women-focused blog in the "funny" category, indicating that it is intended to be lighthearted and entertaining. It encourages women to take control and be bold in their interactions with men, challenging traditional gender roles and expectations.

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Im Having a Sale in My Bedroom. My Clothes Are 100% off

Seriously, this line will give him one of the best mental images of all time! Men love imagining women naked-unfortunately with or without their permission-so turn it around on him and use one of the best sexual pickup lines of all time!

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Im Not Wearing Any Socks and I Have Underwear to Match

This might take him a second to understand, but once he does, he'll go crazy. While it's pretty disgusting for a man to go commando, there's something sexy about a woman doing it. Throw this one out there and see what he says. Of course, it only works if you're actually NOT wearing socks, otherwise it's just silly.

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Do You Eat Lots of Lucky Charms? Because You Look Magically Delicious

This line will work amazingly well if you catch him eating cereal before class. Bonus points if he's actually eating Lucky Charms. While not one of the more vulgar sexual pickup lines you can find, it's sweet and charming in itself.

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Are Those Guess Jeans? 'Cause Guess Who Wants to Get into Them

Even though this one is pretty sexual, it's also pretty adorable. Who doesn't love a good pun? Not much more can be said for it.

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You've Been a Bad Boy. Go to My Room

There's nothing more blunt than ordering a boy to go to your room. If you want to be extra saucy, tell him to get ready for a spanking.

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Let Me Help You Unwrap Your Package

This one works best on a holiday or his birthday. Of course, there's nothing stopping you from saying it today. He'll just be happy you're hitting on him. This is one of the more understated and unused sexual pickup lines out there so it's bound to get a response.

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Were You in Boy Scouts? Because You Sure Have Tied My Heart in a Knot

If you want to see a boy swoon, use this line. It's too adorable to hear without falling head over heels for you.

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Baby You Be the Tree, and I'll Wrap around You like a Koala Bear

This line might throw him off, due to its ridiculousness. Of course, most sexual pickup lines that men use are just as silly-if not all pickup lines in general, which is why you should use this one to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Anything men can do, we can do better. That's why we should show them how clever we are by using these clever and laughable sexual pickup lines on them. Hey, it's worth a shot. You might get a date out of it! At the very least, it'll probably be sure to strike up a good convo.

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oh! my innocent mind.. thanks @art3mis

Lol love this

"I'm not wearing any socks, and I've got underwear to match"....OMG, this has to be a joke, right Holly? You'd walk up to a guy in bar, or some other public place and feed him this line without laughing hysterically...😉

There so cute

LOL 😂😂

Haha I'm gonna do this to my boyfriend

Hahaha crazy stuff

Lol ! so funny :)

Yep, he'll go mental lol

So corny!! LMAO

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