What Women Who Hate Working out Have to Deal with ...

By Holly

What Women Who Hate Working out Have to Deal with ...

Not all of us enjoy visiting the gym. Some of us absolutely dread it. According to Seventeen, here are a few struggles that women who hate exercising have to deal with:

1 Your Friends Are Always Going to the Gym Together

You'd rather go to the movies and binge on popcorn, so you miss out on the opportunity to hang with your besties.

2 Walking into a Gym is like Stepping Foot in Narnia

You have no idea how half of the machines work. That's why you get nervous to try them, because you don't want to use them incorrectly and end up looking like a fool.

3 You Wish You Loved Working out as Much as Love Wearing Your Cute Workout Clothes

The only good part about going to the gym is that you get to wear cute clothes. And, of course, you get to take sexy selfies in those cute clothes.

4 If You Forget Your Headphones, You Literally CAN'T Work out

The time would pass by way too slowly without your Beyonce playlist. You need her to motivate you.

5 Underboob Sweat

Any type of sweat is unattractive. That's why you hate the thought of other gym members looking your way.

6 You're Constantly Giving Yourself Too Much Credit

If you do five pushups, you want to pat yourself on the back. Of course, your friends don't think you should be proud of the tiny bit of effort you put in.

7 Your Friends Are Always like, "You'll Feel so Much Better after!"

You're always told that working out will make you feel amazing. Of course, that's never happened to you before.

When was the last time you went to the gym?

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