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17 Funny Replies when Someone Tells You to Smile ...

By Holly

Sometimes, men will tell you to smile, just because it would make you look prettier. At other times, they'll tell you to smile, because you look miserable, even though you're just walking around like usual. While they might have good intentions, their request can be pretty irritating. That's why you should use these replies the next time someone orders you to smile:

Table of contents:

  1. I will, as soon as you leave
  2. It takes more energy to frown than it does to smile, so i’m exercising
  3. I'm psychic, and i'm just too bummed over what's about to happen to you to smile
  4. I never smile before i kill a man
  5. I can’t. i just got a facelift
  6. I didn’t want you to think i was laughing at how ugly you looked
  7. There’s nothing to smile about on this god forsaken planet
  8. I can’t smile on command. i’m not a dog
  9. Why?
  10. I lost my smile in the war
  11. I’m smiling on the inside
  12. You first
  13. What i do with my face isn’t any of your business
  14. You know who makes me smile? my boyfriend
  15. I was born without smiling muscles
  16. Smiling goes against everything i stand for
  17. My body, my choice

1 I Will, as Soon as You Leave

Once they're gone, you'll finally have something to smile about. They just won't see it, because their back will be to you.

2 It Takes More Energy to Frown than It Does to Smile, so I’m Exercising

You can't do jumping jacks while walking down the street, but you can frown. It's your workout for the day.

3 I'm Psychic, and I'm Just Too Bummed over What's about to Happen to You to Smile

Even though they'll know this is a lie, it'll still freak them out a bit. The look on their face will be worth it.

4 I Never Smile before I Kill a Man

Hopefully, this will make you sound so intimidating that he'll walk away.

5 I Can’t. I Just Got a Facelift

Plastic surgery keeps your face in place. It makes it hard to express emotion.

6 I Didn’t Want You to Think I Was Laughing at How Ugly You Looked

If he's going to insult you by telling you to smile, you can insult him right back.

7 There’s Nothing to Smile about on This God Forsaken Planet

Here's a way to put a damper on his day. Remind him of how cruel the world can be.

8 I Can’t Smile on Command. I’m Not a Dog

He shouldn't walk around, barking orders, anyway.

9 Why?

If he tells you it's so you can look prettier, remind him that you don't exist in order to be his eye candy.

10 I Lost My Smile in the War

Make sure you say this with a straight face. The more serious you sound, the better.

11 I’m Smiling on the inside

Sometimes, this is true. You don't have to smile every time that you're in a good mood.

12 You First

If he won't smile when you ask him to, then why should you smile when he asks you to?

13 What I do with My Face Isn’t Any of Your Business

This is the truth. Your body belongs to you and only you--and that includes your face.

14 You Know Who Makes Me Smile? My Boyfriend

If he was telling you to smile in a flirty way, then this comment should push him away. It'll make him realize he doesn't stand a chance.

15 I Was Born without Smiling Muscles

Once you walk away, he might even Google this to see if you could've been telling the truth.

16 Smiling Goes against Everything I Stand for

Everybody believes in different things. Maybe you're not the type to smile.

17 My Body, My Choice

Truer words have never been spoken.

Not all men tell you to smile in order to be rude. Sometimes, it's a friendly request to cheer you up. Of course, if he's clearly being condescending, you should use one of these replies to put him in his place. What other replies have you used after being told to smile?

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