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Hilarious Gym Fails We All Can't Help but Laugh at and Maybe Relate to ...

By Jennifer

I mean, you have to give people credit for making it to the gym, but then you also have to admit gym fail videos are pretty funny...

1 Man in Blue

2 Lift!


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3 The Ball

4 Umm...

5 Why I Hate the Treadmill

6 That's Just... No

7 More Nope

8 That Looks like It Hurt

9 So Close...

10 Is That a Honey Bear on the Right?

11 Those Shorts Though

12 Ow

13 Climb

14 Oh Gosh, No!


15 Secure It Better Next Time

16 He's Pretty Flexible

17 Bad Kitty!

18 So Close!

19 You're Doing It Wrong

20 How Did That Happen?

21 Mom's Basement?

22 Right in the Face!

23 Momentum

24 Alcohol Might Have Been a Factor

25 Me Doing Pushups

26 Not Sure What She Was Trying to do

27 Actually, That's a Win

28 Me, Every Day

29 Stupid PolE!

30 Gravity

31 Too Heavy!

32 Where is Her Spotter?!

33 I Have Totally Done This


Which of these gym fails made you giggle? I swear, some of them could have been me... what about you? Are you a gym klutz too?

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