17 Funny Love Memes You'll Want to See Today ...

By Vrinda

Being single can suck sometimes, but luckily, there are lots of mocking love memes that single ladies (and gents) can totally relate to. Whether you're trying to get over a breakup, fed up with being single and need a laugh, or in a relationship but remember the single life all too well, these love memes mocking romance are so funny they're sure to make you laugh out loud.

1 Close Enough

leg, shoulder, thigh, vacation, photo caption,

2 Love Life Voodoo

text, black, font, product, line,

3 Welcome to the Friend Zone

text, font, yellow, material, product,

4 Single Life

cartoon, text, nose, comics, forehead,

5 Where Are You?

text, font, line, product, area,

6 Drinking Mode

text, yellow, font, product, software,

7 Cursed or Something

text, pink, font, purple, magenta,

8 Why I'm Single

text, font, black and white, line, area,

9 The Chase

photo caption, human behavior, advertising, brand, product,

10 On Facebook

shoulder, arm, product, muscle, product design,

11 Consistency

text, font, product, line, area,

12 Food and the Internet

photo caption, cat, dog, small to medium sized cats, cat like mammal,

13 The Fridge

text, font, line, product, area,

14 Single by Choice

photo caption, child, forehead, human behavior, girl,

15 Single Life

photo caption, arm, finger, organism, hand,

16 Falling in Love

child, photo caption, fun, learning, human,

17 Talking to Your Crush

doll, child, photo caption, infant, happiness, Which meme made you laugh the hardest?

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