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16 Unintentional Website Names That Are Actually Hilarious ...

By Dana

Have you ever noticed how many hilarious website names there are? Depending on how you look at certain website names (even our own), sometimes they look a bit different than their intended purpose. Here, we’re either talking with our gal pals or following people too closely.

Since we’ve all got a sense of humor and while we can poke fun at our own domain name, check out these other examples of world wide web titles that can be easily misconstrued. Here are some of the most hilarious website names.


Similarly speaking, this group is also either chatting up a storm and sharing stories online or perhaps paying a little bit too much attention to some of their students.


Another parent and kid-friendly site that makes us wonder if we’re checking out a youngsters wardrobe options in the UK or examining their use of inappropriate vocabulary words said across the pond.

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Either way you look at this, do you really want to shop at a plant store that’s a station for moles or near a location with a sketchy customer base.


This is a case of “lost in translation” for a now defunct electrical site formerly located in Italy whose name got literally cursed in English.


Another translation gone wrong for this music club located in Serbia whose actual name is the Bitef Art Cafe. Bonus points for another artistic site sadly entitled written out in simple English with gaseous results.


This is one of the oldest jokes in the book for someone with the unfortunate name of Benjamin Dover who chooses to shorten their first name for comic purposes.


Mr. Dickson should have chosen a better name for his website.


Who would prefer painful suffering over a trip to this popular European vacation destination?


No comment.


The first “s” is completely unnecessary in this instance when sharing digital media given this format.


Oops, the placement of a period (pardon the female-related pun) and the addition of a country’s location lands this site into the land of inappropriateness.


Another instance where an “s” being left out of the equation would have gone much better when enjoying the colder months.


This obviously fishing-related website’s title seems completely intentional and meant to be humorous from its very inception. Men…heavy sigh…they can be real “whack jobs” sometimes with their silly puns.


Unfortunately, an island with the name of “Pen” has turned into a land of phallic proportions given this web site name.


Makes you wonder about United State’s native menu and fiber intake, doesn’t it? And do diners from other parts of our planet have similar digestive issues?


Seems a little bit blunt and insulting for an IT site looking to get additional clientele.

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