The Facebook Reactions That We Actually Need ...

By Holly

If you haven't heard yet, Facebook has had a recent update. Now, when you hover over the "like" button, a series of options will pop up. Instead of simply saying that you "like" a post, you can choose to pick "love," "haha," "wow," "sad," or "angry." That way, you won't have to "like" a status about your friend's grandmother dying.

Of course, we feel a lot more emotions than the ones listed when scrolling through Facebook. That's why The Oatmeal has created this little cartoon that has a few Facebook reactions that should be added:
What other Facebook reactions would you love to see?

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The girl on the cover pic is a weirdo

I'm not buying it - I'd rather actually say something than giving a like for a status or these pictures...

@wendy the girl on the cover pic is Cara Delevingne- a Victoria Secret model :)

That's soo truuee please facebook lol so funny

Funny, weird and cute hahaa she's adorable