11 Lies All College Girls Tell Their Parents ...

By Holly

11 Lies All College Girls Tell Their Parents ...

You love your parents, but you aren't going to tell them everything. After all, you want them to be proud of you. That's why you'll occasionally tell them one of these little white lies that Her Campus knows all about:

1 I Really Don’t Go out All That Often

You have to go out. Otherwise, you'd go crazy.

2 I’m Actually Spending All Day in the Library

Your parents don't need to know that you're going to be watching Netflix the entire time you're in that library.

3 Yes, I Did My Laundry This Week

You can wear the same pair of pants a few times before they need washing, right?

4 And I Cleaned My Room

By cleaning, you mean that you actually threw out the candy wrappers on the floor.

5 Don’t Worry, I’m Eating Enough Fruits and Vegetables

Your campus only offers one good meal, and it's pizza.

6 And of Course I’m Making Time for Balanced Breakfast Every Morning

If you want to get to class on time, you won't be able to stop for breakfast.

7 I Absolutely Love My Classes! I Never, Ever Skip

Sometimes, you'd rather sleep in than go to class.

8 What Happened to All My Money? I Spent It on… Textbooks

It's hard to resist spending money on cute clothes and shots at the bar.

9 Do I Have a Special Someone? Are You Kidding Me! I Have to Focus on My Studies! No Time for Distractions

You're distracted by every guy that walks by, but they don't need to know that.

10 The Job Search is Going Super Well! I’ve Been Sending out Resumes like Crazy

You're busy focusing on school. You don't have time to think about jobs.

11 But I’ll Call You Soon! This Week, for Sure

This might actually be true, because you love to hear your parent's voice.

Do you ever lie about any of these things?

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