Cartoons That Express Everyday Girl Problems We All Face ...


Cartoons That Express Everyday Girl Problems We All Face ...
Cartoons That Express Everyday Girl Problems We All Face ...

Canadian artist Cassandra Calin totally gets it: the struggle is real. Her comics illustrate just what it's like to be a girl, and how weird some of our problems are. Which of these can you relate to?

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As Soon as We Get Home

black and white, cartoon, line art, coloring book, CASSANDRA, Once the bra and skinny jeans come off, we're in for the day, full stop.


The relief is unmatched, isn't it? Ditching those restrictive fashion staples for something infinitely more comfortable, typically involves an oversized t-shirt and fuzzy socks. It's like our bodies immediately sigh in gratitude, and we can finally breathe and move freely around our personal sanctuary. This ritual is more than changing clothes; it's a declaration of personal time, a sacred boundary from the outside world that yells, "Here, I'm at ease; here, I'm me." No apologies, no discomfort, just pure self-care and unapologetic comfort—our own cozy cocoon until it's time to face the world again.


Next Time, a Selfie

text, cartoon, sketch, comics, drawing, Next time, I'm just going to take a selfie, because then I know it'll look like me, at least.


Whether it's a wonky caricature from a street artist or a well-intentioned sketch by a friend, nothing quite captures the essence of me like my own selfie. There's a certain charm in the imperfect art produced by others, but why risk the exaggerated proportions and accidental offense? A selfie is a safe haven of self-expression, where the angle, lighting, and filter are under my complete control. Plus, there's always the reassuring option to retake it fifty times until I get the perfect shot that says, "Yep, that's me!"


Passport Photo

face, black and white, nose, cartoon, head, This is why I hate my passport and driver's license. They look this bad, really.


Chocolate Vs. PMS

cartoon, black and white, line art, comics artist, comics, This is me, every 28 days, like clockwork. No lie.


Make-up Free Monday

cartoon, black and white, line art, font, illustration, Go ahead, ask me if I'm tired one more time. GO AHEAD.


Big Toes

line art, cartoon, black and white, comics artist, font, This one actually made me laugh out loud for real. Raise your hand if your toes are hairless on their own. No? Mine either.


Makeup Tutorials

cartoon, line art, font, sketch, drawing, It's not my fault! I blame Ipsy and every makeup tutorial I've ever watched when I look like a raccoon.



cartoon, comics, comic book, font, line art, Umm, yeah. This is pretty much me too, every run, every time, even after four years.


Red Lippie

cartoon, black and white, line art, font, comics, This, and nail polish. I swear, it's impossible to do ANYTHING for an entire day if you're wearing red lipstick, and/or you've just polished your nails.


Maternal Instincts?

cartoon, black and white, line art, comics artist, comics, I mean, kids and babies are great and all, but kitties? Oh my gosh, even cuter!



cartoon, picture frame, font, product, sketch, I know I have articles to write and photos to edit, but... I mean... the Sims...


Stupid Shark Week

cartoon, black and white, line art, font, line, This is exactly why I use a period tracking app - so I can peer into the future BEFORE I book my vacation plans.



face, black and white, cartoon, font, head, Honestly when I try this style, it looks like I just forgot to do the rest of my hair. Gigi Hadid I am not.



cartoon, black and white, font, drawing, sketch, I'm almost afraid to look, to see just how horrible I look in the photo my so-called friend just tagged me in.


Ugh, Mom!

cartoon, black and white, font, line art, sketch, Whyyy can't my mother just text me like everyone else I know does?


Crop Tops... and Sweaters?

cartoon, black and white, comics artist, comics, comic book, Seriously? If it's cold enough for a sweater, then it's too cold for a crop top, right?


Hair Vs. Humidity

cartoon, black and white, line art, comics artist, comics, Sure, you just spent three hours flat-ironing your hair, and sure, it's only been half an hour... but guess what? It's humid, so now you're going to have the worst bad hair day.

To see more of Cassandra's work -- she's so funny! -- follow her on Instagram at @cassandracalin. She's one of us!

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These are awesome. Totally agree with #16

What comics are these??

Hehehe it happens 👍👍👍👍

And B. ID photos; hate my passport but it'll be renewed soon, as for my licence I actually really love that photo!!

A. Taking off clothes and changing into pjs as soon as I get home 😂

Taking off my bra after a long day of being out is the absolute best,it’s just so satisfying

I need some snapchatters

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