The Hilarious Results of Guys Re-creating Girlie Insta Pics ...

By Jennifer

The Hilarious Results of Guys Re-creating Girlie Insta Pics ...

I never realized that girls and guys use Instagram differently... until I found the Bros Being Basic Instagram. Oh my gosh, it's hilarious! They re-create our girlie pics, and they're so funny! Here are a few of the shots that made me giggle (then think twice before posting a few of my own pics). Which ones are you guilty of?

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1 Me Time

Me Time

2 Among the Sunflowers

Among the Sunflowers

3 Free the Nipple

Free the Nipple (I swear the hashtags are the best!)

4 Blessed


5 Pampering


6 For Me?

For Me?

7 Soy Milk, Nonfat, Light Foam

Soy Milk, Nonfat, Light Foam

8 Happy Feet

Happy Feet

9 Wheel in the Sky

Wheel in the Sky

10 Snuggle Bunnies

Snuggle Bunnies

11 Wings


12 Cheeky


13 Beach Ready!

Beach Ready!

14 Mermaid


15 Shop Til You Drop

Shop Til You Drop

16 Cuteness


17 Girl's Night out

Girl's Night out

18 At the Beach

At the Beach

19 Sunset


20 Topless


21 More Me Time

More Me Time

22 My Legs

My Legs

23 I Love Nutella!

I Love Nutella! Seriously, follow these guys at @brosbeingbasic ... it's worth it for the hashtags alone!

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These r so funny...i love the last pic😊😊😊

omw i love these

Hahahhaah so funny

This guys are hilarious!

So hilarious! LOL.

So cute :)

Lol they are cute

Lml this is awsome

Hahaha. #3 is my fav

I would have liked to see the women's pics to make a contrast.

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