You Have to See Why These Yearbook Photos Went Viral ...

By Lyndsie

You Have to See Why These Yearbook Photos Went Viral ...

Yearbook photos are kind of iffy under the best of circumstances. Some people are lucky enough to take flawless photos, others have the gift of humor going for them, and still others fade into the woodwork. Then there are the photos that go viral because they are the yearbookiest photos to ever yearbook. Every time I look at these, I feel a little better about my over-plucked eyebrows and chunky highlights.

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1 Peter Griffin Goes to School

Peter Griffin Goes to School I want to be this kid's friend, to be honest. I wonder how he's doing these days.

2 Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Business in the Front, Party in the Back I believe that if you have a mullet, you cannot take a good photo. It simply cannot happen. The mullet will take over.

3 F. You

F. You F. you, too, F. You! Not that we should ever pick on anyone's name, but I mean, this is kind of perfect.

4 Wait, What?

Wait, What? Then whose hand is it? WHOSE HAND IS IT, JENNA?

5 That Ginger Swag

That Ginger Swag Say what you will, but this kid loves himself. He is like the physical embodiment of confidence.

6 That Caption

That Caption That's my whole life, honestly.

7 Um

Um In West Virginia, in the '90s, I knew girls who wore their hair like this. I … I just … her hair looks so crispy.

8 Mr. Confident

Mr. Confident Actually, maybe Carson is the physical embodiment of confidence. He is also very handsome.

9 Is That Skrillex?

Is That Skrillex? It's not, right?

10 That Cat …

That Cat … I love this guy. I also love his cat. Cat guy, let's get married.

11 Destined to Be the World's Best Boss

Destined to Be the World's Best Boss I legit giggled so hard that I think I peed a little. Brb.

12 That '70s Hair

That '70s Hair His hair is taking up most of the frame. But I mean, when in Rome – or in the '70s, whatever.

13 Okay then

Okay then I don't … I don't know what's happening here. I think this is enough internet for the day. Brb.

14 There Aren’t Words

There Aren’t Words I should have stopped when I was ahead. Does anyone know what's happening here?

15 A Chicken Nugget

A Chicken Nugget What would happen? Seriously. What if one day you woke up and you were a chicken nugget?

16 And Chicken Wings

And Chicken Wings What is the matter with Luke? Luke needs to talk to someone.

17 Awkward!

Awkward! He's so happy, though! Look at that smile!

I'm so very glad that my yearbook pictures were never interesting enough to go viral.

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Suck it

I think you should remove the picture with the boy and the cat. He took his own life after being ridiculed for this same picture. It's disrespectful to his loved ones.

Lol number 12s name

#12 though!! His name is more funnier than his hair! haha

The boy in #10 committed suicide

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