15 Funny Questions to Ask when Playing a Game of Truth or Dare ...

By Holly

When your girls get together for a sleepover or a hangout session, Truth or Dare can liven things up. Instead of asking the same boring "truth" questions and ordering them to do the same dull dares, here are some new ideas to try out:

1 Act out a TV Commercial

Do you love Jake from State Farm or talking about hump day? Well, now's your chance to act those scenes out in front of your friends. It should make you all laugh if you pick the right commercial, so go crazy!

2 What Was Your Strangest Dream?

This doesn't sound like a very silly question, but it's guaranteed to get you talking about something weird. Dreams can get pretty bizarre, so you're sure to laugh over whatever your friend admits to you.

3 Give a Piggyback Ride

If your friend isn't the strongest, she can just pick up a teddy bear and carry it around the room. Anything works, as long as it makes you all smile.

4 What's the Worst Pickup Line You've Used?

If your friend has never used a pickup line or had one used on her, challenge her to make one up all on her own. The more creative she is, the better.

5 Poke Someone on Facebook

Dares involving social media are easy to pull off, but they can be pretty embarrassing. Ask your friend to poke a stranger or message her crush. Hopefully she won't chicken out!

6 What Was Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

When your friend picks "truth," ask her for her most embarrassing moment. Just don't tease her too much about it, because she trusts you enough to spill the juicy details.

7 Exchange Clothes

Asking your friend to exchange clothes with another friend is an awesome dare. If they have two totally different styles, it'll be amusing to see what they each look like in their new outfits.

8 Who, in the Room, Would You Kiss?

Of course you don't want to do it, but if you were forced to choose, who would the lucky girl be? Make sure to give a funny reason behind the answer that you've given.

9 Sing Everything You Say

For the rest of the game, challenge your friends to sing everything that they say. Of course, be careful with this one. You don't want to force someone with a horrible voice to keep singing, or you'll be the one suffering.

10 Who Was Your Most Embarrassing Crush?

Maybe your friend had a crush on a cartoon character. Maybe she had a crush on your brother. Whoever it was, it's time for her to admit to it.

11 Hug Whomever Walks in

It doesn't matter if your father, brother, or neighbor walks into the room. Whoever steps inside must be hugged by your friend without any explanation.

12 What Would You do when Invisible?

If you were invisible, you could do whatever you'd want. Maybe your friend would sneak into her favorite singer's dressing room. Maybe she'd just steal food from a restaurant. Ask her to find out!

13 Imitate Music Video

Pick a music vido, play it on your computer, and have your friend act out the dance moves of the singer. The more embarrassing the song, the better.

14 What's the Dumbest Thing You've Said to Crush?

Even the girls with the most game have said stupid things to their crush. See if your friend will admit to telling him something ridiculous. It'll make you feel better about your own situation, for sure.

15 Post Video to Youtube

This one is pretty terrifying. Ask your friend to create a funny make-up tutorial and upload it to the internet. If she does it, reward her with extra snacks, because she's a brave one!

When you're with your friends, embarrassing yourself should be more fun than terrifying. They love you, after all, so there's nothing to be worried about. What's the craziest thing you've ever done during Truth or Dare?

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