Who is Your Drunk Alter Ego? Mine is Paige from Degrassi ...


Who is Your Drunk Alter Ego? Mine is Paige from Degrassi ...
Who is Your Drunk Alter Ego? Mine is Paige from Degrassi ...

Who is your drunk alter ego? Keep reading to find out mine.

College can be a lot like high school. Raging hormones or flat out waking up and feeling disgusted and complaining about everything, aka LIFE. There has to be a reality show for that.

Oh, right there is: Degrassi.

Growing up, before Darcy went onto the CW and Aubrey Graham became Drake, I awaited every Friday night to catch the newest episode of Degrassi. I was always an Ellie Nash fan. All of the gossip and who is doing who and "OMFG I can’t believe s/he said and did that" was just addicting.

It was a guilty pleasure. Especially when some storylines from Degrassi turned into a trip down memory lane, some good ol’ nostalgic memories during late night discussions with friends.

A few months ago, I reunited with some old friends—you know, the ones who also barely go out drinking too (that is NOT a lie)—when I started dropping the word, “hun,” completely plagiarizing Paige from Degrassi. If you do not know who Paige is—Google it.

At first, I was embarrassed because this was new, weird, and completely random. Then, it became my “thing.” My drunk alter ego became Paige from Degrassi.

So, who is your drunk alter ego?

For starters, quoting awesome TV shows and movie dialogue, or even becoming more extroverted than you would be in real life when your drunk can give you a clue. Or, in a case like mine, you could become way more talkative, which could be good or bad, depending how others feel about it.

One thing for sure is that Paige from Degrassi has taught me, regardless of whether it's a sober or a drunk night, is that being bold, upfront, and honest with others and myself is much NEEDED. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone, something I had avoided for YEARS due to FEAR. This includes pouring my heart out to a guy, who I have had a crush on for years, to spilling more aspirations of mine to everyone, as well as tackling other goals.One drunken night, I declared my goal of making a film and a friend sat me down and told me to just do it.

Sometimes having a drunk alter ego can be a good thing,, but other people might think you and your group of friends are crazy.

Just be careful who you divulge your feelings and life story to. I was told that Paige is sometimes a bitch, but I think she is one cool cat.

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