10 Things Girls Who Are Always Tired Can Relate to ...

By Holly

10 Things Girls  Who Are Always  Tired Can Relate to  ...

Some of us are always tired, no matter what we do. We just can't help it. But don't worry, because Self knows what that's like.

1 Loving Your Snooze Button More than Life Itself

You'll sleep for as long as you're able to get away with sleeping.

2 Regretting Giving into the Sweet Temptation of a Nap Because Your Exhausted Body Takes It Way Too Far

You never actually feel any better after taking a nap, but you keep taking them, anyway.

3 Wondering Why You Get Bursts of Energy at the Most Inconvenient Times Instead of when You Could Use Them

You always get that energy right before you should be going to sleep, so you end up tired the next day.

4 Being so Excited to Return to Your One True Love Every Night

Your bed is your best friend. You can't wait to climb into it every night.

5 No Concealer is a Match for Your Lack of Shut-eye

The bags under your eyes are a part of you. They're never going away.

6 Fighting the Urge to Flake on Hanging out with Friends and Just Spend Some Quality Time with Your Bed

You want to see your friends, but you know you won't be any fun when you can barely keep your eyes open.

7 Wishing a Caffeine IV Existed, Because It Would Really Make Life a Lot Easier to Get through

You need coffee in order to survive. You'd die without it.

8 Counting the Hours until Bedtime as Soon as the Alarm Goes off

If you get up only so you can get through the day and go back to bed, you're always tired.

9 You Can't Even Page through Instagram

Your finger is just to tired to scroll through the feed, right?

10 Counting Exactly How Much Sleep You're Going to Get

Tonight it's 4 hours, 32 minutes and 47 seconds...

Are you always tired?

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