7 Things Every Single Girl Should Enjoy ...


7 Things Every Single Girl Should Enjoy ...
7 Things Every Single Girl Should Enjoy ...

Relationships are admittedly awesome, but there are things every single girl should enjoy. Once you get a boyfriend, you’ll realize just how great it was when you were alone. Stop assuming that a boyfriend would make your life ten times better. The truth is, you’re better off alone (unless you find a guy as cute as Cumberbatch). If you’re upset about your lack of love, here are some things every single girl should enjoy while she can:

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Being Married to NetFlix

When you’re in a relationship, you have to take time out of your busy day of watching Breaking Bad to visit the old ball and chain. You’ll have to trade your captivating,

thrill-inducing shows for some bland form of human interaction. Think of how many episodes you’ll miss! Even if your partner agrees to watch with you, he’s sure to be a distraction. He’ll try to kiss you, and might even have the nerve to talk. One of the things every single girl should enjoy is all of her uninterrupted Netflix time.


Forgetting to Shave All Winter

No one wants to shave when it's cold out. You’re wearing three layers of clothing, and don’t plan on removing any of it. That means it’s impossible for an immature guy to see your skin and shriek when he spots a bit of hair. While you’re single, you don’t have to deal with the stress of worrying about what some boy thinks of your body.


Being Your Most Selfish

If you’re out at dinner with your date, they’ll ask to try a piece of your dessert. If you’re single, you get to keep all the food for yourself. We’re taught to share when we’re young, but let’s face it, we avoid it at all costs. If you buy a pack of skittles, then you should be the one who eats them - every single one. If he wants food, let him shell out the cash and buy his own.


Locking Yourself Away

When you date someone, they expect you to keep in contact with them. Even if you’re Little Miss Popular, there will be days when you just want to be alone. You’ll want to keep on your pajamas, stay in bed, and cut out the outside world. While you’re single, you have no obligation to contact anyone. You could run away to join the circus, and no one would bother to notice.


Keeping Your Wallet Stuffed

When the holidays roll around, you’ll have to buy your partner dozens of gifts. The same goes for their birthday, and Valentine’s Day, and your anniversary. You’ll save hundreds of dollars by staying single. Think of what you could do with all of that money! You could buy a yacht with it all--or at least some new tires.


Being the One in Charge

Right now, you get to pick what you eat for dinner and what movie you go to see. In a relationship, your boyfriend gets to give his opinion. Even though you don't care about his wants and needs, you have to act like you do. The woes of being a girlfriend...


Flirting with Cuties

When you’re in a relationship, the other person will expect you to remain faithful. When you’re single, you get to flirt with any guy you want. Just think: if you ran into Tom Hiddleston tomorrow, you’d have a shot with him. If you had a boyfriend, you would feel guilty just looking at Loki.

If you find the right person, a relationship is definitely the direction you want to go. Until then, enjoy being single! What’s your favorite part about being unattached?

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I'm single and I still shave my legs in the winter. I love having smooth legs. I definitely enjoy the article though.

# teamsingle

#2 I think I'm the only girl who shaves regardless in the winter... I like having smooth legs for myself even if noones else can see. Is anyone else like this?

Number 7!!

I do like my desert!!!! All of it to myself

@Laura , I thought the same thing when I read it. haha

I'm not single but now I wish I was :)

I do depilation every month just for me but I really miss my single days :( I'm with my boyfriend for 9 months and I love him but I miss these days :(

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